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10 Things You Need For The Best Snow Day Ever

We have the first snow of the year in the forecast and it’s much anticipated because two of my children have never seen snow. I remember two years ago when my oldest two children were newly home, we celebrated the first snow day off from school with ice cream. That was a crazy idea, but it sure was memorable! I wanted to come up with everything you need for the ultimate snow day that your kids will remember.

10 Things To Make The Best Snow Day Ever
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10 Things You Need For The Best Snow Day Ever!

  1. Hot Chocolate – You can’t have a snow day without hot chocolate (extra marshmallows)! I remember always requesting hot chocolate after a snow day spent outside in the snow.
  2. Warm cookies – You have to have a treat with all of that fun, don’t you? Warm cookies straight out of the oven are the best. You can pre-make cookie dough and freeze in balls to prepare for a snow day.
  3. Pizza! – I always have pizza on hand for days like this. You can focus on the fun and have lunch on the table in just 12 minutes. Jack’s pizza is made with 100 percent real Wisconsin cheese and a preservative-free crust!
  4. Favorite movies – I vote for the classics! Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid are my faves.
  5. Cozy slippers – Pajamas and slippers are a must!
  6. Snowball launchers – Why didn’t we have snowball launchers when I was a kid? That would have made neighborhood snowball fights much more fun.
  7. Snow Paint – You can make your own snow paint! This would be fun to decorate the snow fort you build.
  8. Snow Ice Cream – When I was younger I would make slushies with snow and soda, but you can make actual snow ice cream!
  9. Blanket and pillow fort – My kids love making forts in our living room. Fill the fort with warm blankets and stuffed animals and watch your favorite movies!
  10. Adult coloring books  Adult coloring books have become really popular, but kids love them too! These meticulous drawing pages will give your kids some creative fun for the day.

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Wendy’s Cups For A Very Special Cause

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wendy’s for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My family and I drove through Wendy’s the other day and everyone ordered a meal (The 4 for $4 meals are awesome for large families FYI!) When we got home and sat down, the kids were reading their cups, because how often are kids drawings featured on cups?! They thought this was pretty cool. I explained to them that these are illustrations created by adopted kids that show special “family first” moments, and they thought that was even cooler.


See, my kids can relate. These are the moments they have experienced themselves. Our two oldest kids came home almost two years ago and our youngest two came home only a few months ago. It’s so neat to watch the special “firsts” they get to experience. We went on our annual family vacation to Minnesota in August, only one month after our boys joined the family. If they were to draw a “family first” photo it might look a lot like Olivia’s drawing, which was on our cups!

This year, Olivia went on a beach vacation with her family for the first time. She was 10.

The four separate drawings, featured this November for National Adoption Month, bring to life the power of foster care adoption through a child’s eyes, highlighting everyday family moments that most of us take for granted, such as a day at the beach, an amusement park, a trip to the zoo or even a birthday party. You can even watch these children’s stories come to life by visiting www.wendys.com/adoption In adoption, it’s so important to listen to the voices of adopted children. Their thoughts, feelings and opinions are what matters most.

As an adopted child, Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, knew first-hand the importance of having a family. He founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in 1992 and Wendy’s has passionately supported the foundation, which works to find permanent, loving homes for more than 130,000 children waiting in North America’s foster care system. To date, the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program has served more than 11,500 children and has helped more than 4,500 children be adopted.

The artwork on Wendy’s cups was drawn by four children who have been adopted through the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption worked with Wendy’s to establish the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program to focus on children who have been waiting the longest in the foster care system, many times these are older kids. My children are still young, but I have experienced older child adoption as well. My brother was adopted at age 12. Although there have been challenges, I know our family is blessed to have him in our lives.

Children referred to the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program are up to three times more likely to get adopted. Through the program, more than 5000 children in foster care have been adopted into permanent, loving homes!

Dave Thomas believed that children in foster care “aren’t someone else’s responsibility, they are our responsibility.” Wendy’s continues to support that belief through fundraising and collaboration with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Visit Wendy’s adoption page to learn how you can support children waiting in foster care.

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10 Quick Meals For Families On The Go

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Campbell Soup Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

10 Quick Meals For Families On The Go

Fall seems like the busiest time of year for us. The kids have a new year of school, there’s homework, play practice, soccer practice and now we’re starting basketball season. Once in awhile one child will have a practice that will make them miss dinner, so I usually have quick meals that they can eat on the go. I came up with ten ideas that will make life a little easier on those stressful days when everyone has something going on!

10 Quick Meals For Families On The Go

  1. Soup! Pour warm soup into a mason jar or thermos and you’ve got yourself a portable, warm meal. This is perfect for the winter months!
  2. Pace® and Prego® Ready Meals.  is all it takes to go from your pantry to your plate. Whether you’re in the mood for classic Italian taste of Prego or the signature southwest flavors of Pace you can have a fast, easy and delicious satisfying meal in ju

    st 60 seconds. Simply tear, heat, and eat! You can even eat straight from the pouch. How convenient is that?!

  3. Overnight oats. You can make individual oatmeals in the evening and they will be ready for a grab and go breakfast in the morning! This overnight fridge berry oatmeal is my favorite.
  4. Salad! Pre-make your salads for the week. You can store them in plastic containers or try these 18 Mason Jar Salads!
  5. Homemade lunchables. My kids absolutely love when I put these in their lunchbox. You can pre-make these for when you know you’re going to have a busy night!
  6. Breakfast sandwiches. Sandwiches are an easy, on the go food. Did you know you can make breakfast sandwiches ahead of time and freeze? Pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal in no time. All you need are English Muffins, eggs, cheese and bacon!
  7. Homemade calzones. Fill homemade dough with your favorite pizza toppings or ham and cheese. Bake them before you freeze them. To unthaw, microwave for a few minutes and voila!
  8. Sandwiches. It doesn’t have to be a plain turkey and cheese, liven it up with some fresh greens and yummy spreads! Make sandwiches ahead of time and wrap them in saran wrap and you’re ready to go!
  9. Smoothies. Smoothies aren’t necessarily a meal, but they are delicious and nutritious snacks. Make smoothie packs with frozen fruit and yogurt cubes and they are proportioned for the blender.
  10. Burritos. Burritos are very freezer friendly. Place the cooked burritos in the freezer and when you are ready, warm them up in the microwave!

Do you have any meal ideas on the go? Be sure to try the new line of delicious microwaveable meals from Pace® and Prego® Ready Meals! Check out all of Campbell’s new products and use these delicious Campbell’s recipes for quick and easy meal ideas!

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