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Our Backyard Garden

It’s been a few months since we’ve moved into our new house and we’ve mainly been updating the outside while the weather is nice. We had a raised garden bed at our old house that my husband built, but I didn’t maintain it like I should have. This go-around, TJ built a tiered garden with stones that were already on our property. We both decided that we like this tiered garden better than the raised garden bed because it was much more quick and simple to make.

I also have a few little helpers that were excited about the idea of gardening which makes it easier to maintain.

In the beginning, all three kids were super excited to pick out their own plants and seeds. That then turned into two kids who were really excited about planting the garden. Then, that turned into one kid who loves helping me weed, water and watch the plants grow. That’s Mr. Manny.

Manny is the type of kid that keeps his room clean and his bed made with no reminders. He even wants to help hammer, sand and stain his own bunk bed, so it should be no surprise that he has claimed this little spot as his own.

He calls this garden his farm.


We planted tomatoes, peppers, corn, onions, watermelon, beans, strawberries, zucchini and several types of lettuce. While we aren’t gardeners, we are learning as we go.

There is such a good feeling when you can actually grow the food you eat and it is valuable to teach children throughout the whole process and they can actually see and taste the fruits of their work.


I eventually want to have a backyard garden full of perennial fruits and vegetables.

I am starting with three apple trees. These little trees cost $45 each and already have baby apples growing. These are trees that are supposed to grow tall and skinny, so they are perfect for container gardening and small spaces.


I’m hoping that one day, we can just go to the backyard and pick apples, strawberries and raspberries!


Suave Family Perks at Walmart

Today I packed my three kids up in the car and headed to Walmart. It’s always a big chore to take them all to the store (you guys probably know all too well how that goes!), but we had to pick up a few things, including lotion and body wash. Manny and Priscilla call lotion “pomage.” I don’t know if that is a Ghana thing or if the kids made up a new word from pomade, but it is officially pomage in this house and it is a necessity.

I always try to sign up for loyalty and rewards cards for places that I shop at regularly because they don’t cost me anything and I can earn coupons and other rewards for not doing anything differently.

Now with five people in our family, we go through a ton of lotion, body wash, and other personal care products which can get expensive every month. I recently signed up for Suave Family Perks, which you earn points for every Suave product you buy at Walmart. When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a $5 Walmart gift card. By snapping a photo of my receipt today, I earned points for the lotion and body wash I already buy.


Not only can you sign up for Suave Family Perks today (It’s free!) to start earning your rewards, but I am hosting a giveaway for (4) $25 Walmart gift cards. Four of you will win Walmart gift cards! You could then head on over to Walmart to buy Suave products with your prize to earn more gift cards! Enter the giveaway below and good luck!

Suave Family Perks – Busy Mommy

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This is a Lunchbox sponsored post on behalf of Suave Family Perks.

Steak Toppings

It’s almost the fourth of July and chances are you might be grilling to celebrate Independence Day. Let’s hope the weather is beautiful so we can enjoy the day off from work, go to the parades and of course- fireworks!

Here are a few recipes to make your steak extra delicious! These steak toppings are: tomato, basil and balsamic and mushroom, onion and blue cheese and are grilled on foil on the grill right along side your steak.


This is a recipe I created for Litehouse Foods and their Living Litehouse Blog which is filled with healthy and delicious recipes. To disclose, I am fortunate enough to be a paid contributor.

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Steak Toppings: Grilled Balsamic and Basil Cherry Tomatoes and a Portabella, Onion and Blue Cheese.