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8 Tips For a Quick and Easy Laundry Routine

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Faultless/Bon Ami Company    for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

8 Tips For a Quick and Easy Laundry Routine

8 Tips For a Quick and Easy Laundry Routine

  1. Wash clothing daily. Some people use hampers and wash the dirty clothes once each person’s hamper is full, but I find it easiest to take dirty clothing to the washer daily. My kids know that every night they need to bring their clothes to the laundry room.
  2. Don’t let clothes sit in the washing machine. I used to be guilty of this. I would wash clothes at night and then forget to move them over to the dryer. When clothes sit in the washing machine they get smelly and then you need to re-wash it. You can save a lot of time and money by setting a reminder that you have clothes in the wash!
  3. Fold clothes right out of the dryer. Don’t let your clothes sit in the dryer or leave clean, unfolded clothes sitting in a laundry basket waiting to be folded.
  4. Separate folded clothes into each person’s laundry basket right away! This goes with #3. In one step, I fold the clothes right out of the dryer and separate them into a laundry basket designated to each family member.
  5. Teach kids from an early age to put away their own clothing. My kids have learned to put away their own clothes. Putting away clothes is my least favorite thing to do.
  6. Have kids put away clothes frequently. There’s nothing worse than a big pile of clothes to put away. My kids put their clothes away several times a week so it isn’t overwhelming.
  7. Use towels and sweatshirts more than once. I was doing a ton of laundry and I realized most of it was towels. I installed a hook in each child’s closet so they can reuse their bath towels a few times before we wash them. This cuts down the laundry so much!
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Check out Faultless on Facebook for more tips & tricks! Do you iron? Have you tried Faultless Starch? Let me know your laundry tips in the comment section!

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Modern + Colorful Girl’s Bedroom

It’s been over a year since we bought our home and we still have many home improvements to do including decorating. We are very conservative when it comes to spending money so it has taken time to get our house looking like “home,” but it’s finally starting to come together. One room that is almost finished is our 7 year old daughter’s room. All it needs to be complete is new window treatments, a new paint color and wall decor.

There is only one small window, which doesn’t make for good lighting, so I’m doing white walls to brighten it up and a pink accent color. I think bright colors are great for a girls room because it’s very cheery and happy. Maybe I have an ulterior motive hoping those colors will brighten the mood when we get to the middle school years.

Modern side table

My favorite piece of furniture is this Sauder Modern Yellow Side table. It goes well with Priscilla’s brightly colored chevron rug and retails for less than $100. It would pair perfectly with the Sauder Shoal Creek Collection white dresser, which we just purchased (We bought the oak finish for brother’s room!) I like adding elements made with different materials, like in this room: metal + wood.

Little girl's room.

Of course, a bedroom side table must be stocked with all of the essentials: reading materials, lighting, decor and jewelry.

Girls room colors

The easy slide drawer is the perfect amount of bedside storage and since the side table is metal, you can put magnets on it! This pink flower is a magnet decoration used for lockers, but it’s a great decoration for this side table as well.

Priscilla loves her room and I do too. I think it’s the perfect amount of simple and modern yet bright and cheery, just how a little girl’s room should be!

I like this side table!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

8 Little Things To Make Your Busy Life Easier

This post is brought to you by P&G!

8 Little Things to Make Your Life Easier. These are so simple!!

Now that our family has recently grown to five, all while living in a tiny house, I have realized I can’t go about life like I did when I only had one child. With three six year olds there is more mess, more toys, more clothes, less time and more chaos. Here are 8 little things that have made my life easier.


1. An Organized Mess is what I like to call the approach of having a place for everything. One of the decorative boxes above the fridge is filled with candy and sweets and the other is filled with the kids’ crayons, markers, coloring books, etc. They aren’t exactly the most organized, but having a space for everything means less junk around the house. This is just one example of my “storage” spaces. When the house is messy it feels more chaotic.

2. Have Kids Help Out. I think it’s important for kids to help out around the house. I can’t do it all myself and I am surely not the maid. I wish we would have started a more defined routine of “chores” but the kids know they need to make their beds in the morning, take their dirty clothes to the laundry, put their backpacks and shoes away after school and put things away after they are done with them.


3. These I call Life Binders. I bought the pretty binder at Target and I should really go get two more to replace the other binders. One holds all of my recipes (more info here), one is a general life binder that holds bills, coupons, receipts, and the kids’ important papers from school. The last binder is our adoption binder, which obviously everyone won’t have. Again, these binders might not be the most organized inside, but I know where everything is and it’s all put away rather then on the kitchen counter.

4. The life binders lead me into the next essential part of organizing a busy household. Meal planning. I know it’s so hard to get into a routine of doing this, but it makes life so much easier. Pinterest has become a huge tool in my meal planning. I have several go-to meals: homemade freezer spaghetti sauce, breakfast for dinner and stir fry.


5. Automatic bill pay. It’s so much easier to not have to worry about paying the bills on time and what bills I have/haven’t paid. I still check to see if everything is correct, but this is just one super easy way to eliminate some stress.

6. Automatic savings. I understand that everyone may not be able to build a savings depending on life circumstances or where they are at in their lives. With every paycheck we automatically have a certain amount going into savings and we never account for that in our available budget. Having savings on hand equals less stress.

7. Find products that work and stick to them. I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a beauty or cleaning product because it was on sale only to find I hated the scent, it didn’t work as well as I wanted it to, or it really wasn’t as good of a deal as I thought. I tried both the Tide pods and NEW Gain flings (available at Target) and love both the scent, stain fighting capabilities and ease of just throwing the pods in. As you can see my clean laundry for today is piling up, but at least they are clean! With three six year olds, I need all of the stain fighting I can get.


8. One stop shop. I used to be big into coupons. It consumed too much of my life. Cutting the coupons, going to several different stores, keeping my eyes out for sales and comparing. I realize this works for many people, but it really made my life more stressful. My one-stop-shop is Target. I can pick up a new outfit for myself, pick up something the kids need for school, get groceries and cleaning supplies all at the same time. (I also always love searching those dollar bins!) One-stop-shopping has made my life less stressful.

What tips do you have that make your life less stressful?

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