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Updated Family Photos With Our Family of Five!

We have had family photos hanging up in our house of just three of us before Manny and Priscilla came home and it just didn’t feel right! We finally were able to update our family photos to include all five of us! We had these taken by Tara Gimbel Photography when we were at Woodland Resort in Minnesota on vacation this past summer.

In addition to just our immediate family, we took photos with my parents and siblings, which is the first photo in many years of all of us! My mom and I took awhile to figure out our color scheme without everyone being matchy-matchy. I love the combination of blues, denim and creams.

Family Photo

It’s so hard to believe we have been married seven years, together for ten and now have three kids. Time goes by so fast, especially these last few years which have been a roller coaster. That’s why I think photos are so important to have and I’m excited about these updated ones (and now I’m reminding myself to actually print all of those digital photos and not just leave them on my computer)!

Couple photo.

And of course, everyone needs a somewhat goofy picture. I have a feeling this is going to be on a Christmas card….

Extended Family Photo - Blue Color Scheme.

Our Backyard Garden

It’s been a few months since we’ve moved into our new house and we’ve mainly been updating the outside while the weather is nice. We had a raised garden bed at our old house that my husband built, but I didn’t maintain it like I should have. This go-around, TJ built a tiered garden with stones that were already on our property. We both decided that we like this tiered garden better than the raised garden bed because it was much more quick and simple to make.

I also have a few little helpers that were excited about the idea of gardening which makes it easier to maintain.

In the beginning, all three kids were super excited to pick out their own plants and seeds. That then turned into two kids who were really excited about planting the garden. Then, that turned into one kid who loves helping me weed, water and watch the plants grow. That’s Mr. Manny.

Manny is the type of kid that keeps his room clean and his bed made with no reminders. He even wants to help hammer, sand and stain his own bunk bed, so it should be no surprise that he has claimed this little spot as his own.

He calls this garden his farm.


We planted tomatoes, peppers, corn, onions, watermelon, beans, strawberries, zucchini and several types of lettuce. While we aren’t gardeners, we are learning as we go.

There is such a good feeling when you can actually grow the food you eat and it is valuable to teach children throughout the whole process and they can actually see and taste the fruits of their work.


I eventually want to have a backyard garden full of perennial fruits and vegetables.

I am starting with three apple trees. These little trees cost $45 each and already have baby apples growing. These are trees that are supposed to grow tall and skinny, so they are perfect for container gardening and small spaces.


I’m hoping that one day, we can just go to the backyard and pick apples, strawberries and raspberries!


Seems Like Forever. 3 Months Home

It has been almost three months since Miss P and Manny came home, but it seems like they’ve been here forever. We are settling into a routine, the kids are starting to realize expectations with behavior and rules and the bickering among the three kids has managed to settle down a little.

Priscilla recently had a birthday so we have three six year olds in the house now. This girl really lives up to being the only girl of the bunch and is quite possibly the girliest girl I have ever met. It’s hard to get her in sweatpants and a T-shirt when all she wants to wear is sparkles, bows and skirts!

IMG_8064blog{Tunic: $6.99 Coral Bow Leggings: $6.99 Black Floral Hi-Top Sneakers: $5.49 All from Zulily}


To top off the recent major change in all of our lives, we sold our house and are moving to a new home soon. It has been stressful but we can’t wait for the extra space. The kids were sleeping in one room with the triple bunk beds that TJ made, but now they will all get their own rooms for the time being.

Every day seems eventful with this bunch. Some days are good. Some days are bad. Some days I just want to crawl in bed and take a nap for however long I can! It’s definitely different when we were only a family of three. There is bickering and tattling and I know there probably always will be, but slowly these three are *truly* becoming siblings!