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Sevenly #CAUSEBOX03


I hope you checked out Sevenly CAUSEBOX when I posted last quarter’s Spring Box! (If you missed it, check it out here!) This summer’s CAUSEBOX is amazing. There are so many social good products, some that I’ve known about and some that are new to me. That’s part of the reason I love getting these boxes every quarter. I love finding new socially conscious companies to support and learning about their amazing stories that are making change in the world.

This box has a retail value of $223. Every box has at least $150 of retail value, and sells for $49.95/quarter.

Want a free CAUSEBOX? CAUSEBOX will be giving a free Spring CAUSEBOX to anyone that signs up now for an annual subscription! To take advantage of this freebie, all you need to do is enter the coupon code “BUSYMOMMY03″

All of the social good products in the #CauseBox03 A $223 retail value

Every box contains products that: give back generously to underprivileged communities, help provide jobs and sustainable income in underdeveloped areas of the world, raise awareness for different charitable initiatives, and empower people, help people, or otherwise make the world a better place.

Not only is your purchase of the CAUSEBOX and support for the socially conscious businesses making change, 7% of every box sold is given back to charity, each and every quarter.

Let’s take a look what’s in this quarters box!

  1. Musana Bumba Necklace – ($36 ARV) Musana is a nonprofit social enterprise that aims to break the cycle of poverty in Lugazi, Uganda by providing stable employment and educational opportunities for women. This beautiful necklace is simple, but beautiful, allowing you to wear it with almost anything!
  2. Parker Clay Upcycled Wrap Bracelet ($48 ARV) This wrap bracelet was handmade out of Ethiopian leather and melted down bullets found in the Ethiopian countryside. For every bracelet sold, Parker Clay sends one Ethiopian woman through a prostitution prevention training program through their partner, Women at Risk.
  3. Parker Clay headband ($16 ARV) I am in love with this headband! It is handcrafted by a team of artisans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is the perfect summer accessory with beachy waves.
  4. Living on One Special Edition DVD – ($24 ARV) Living on One is a documentary following four university students who spent a summer living on $1 per day in rural Guatemala. I loved this documentary and was so inspired by these four young guys.
  5. Sevenly Lemonade Print ($24 ARV) Make this attitude of optimism your summer motto! I love how it looks in my dining room. (Here’s another Sevenly print in my bedroom!)
  6. Keepcup 60z to-go cup ($17 ARV) Keepcup is the world’s first barista standard reusable coffee cup. It’s made from non-toxic BPA and BPS-free polypropylene. Taking this cup to your local coffee shop saves the planet from all kind of paper and plastic waste!
  7. Love for Humanity Face Cream ($58 ARV) Love for Humanity’s miracle formula is organic, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, toxic-everything free, and Made in the USA! For every product Love for Humanity sells, they provide a meal for the malnourished through Feed the Children.
  8. Everly Hydrating Drink Mixes. I’ve posted about my love for Everly before. Everly is the first company to make drink mixes without additives, preservatives and fake coloring. For every box sold, Everly provides a packet of life-saving oral rehydration salt mix to treat children with waterborne diseases.

Make Lemonade Sevenly Print

Sevenly Spring 2015 Causebox

The Sevenly Causebox is a quarterly subscription box for women filled with items that create world change.

You guys know I love social good items that I can incorporate into my daily life because I talk about them all of the time! By switching to these social good brands for everyday items, I can use my buying power, as a mom who makes much of the household purchases, to support causes that create worldwide change.

I have bought several shirts and sweatshirts (and a print) from Sevenly when their cause resonated with me. For every item purchased, $7 goes to that current charity. They have raised almost $4.5 million to date and the clothing designs are always super cute.

Sevenly recently started a quarterly subscription box full of socially conscious products for women called CAUSEBOX. Each season you will receive $150 worth of products from socially conscious brands that reflect Sevenly’s belief that People Matter. Plus, 7% of every box is given back to charity. Everyone is into subscription boxes now and they are perfect for gifts, so why not choose a subscription box that creates world change?

Sevenly Causebox. Spring box!

You can pay quarterly ($49.95) or annually ($199.80) for the CAUSEBOX. Every year you will at least receive $600 worth of socially conscious products. I love the fact that if there are a ton of quality products in each box and not just a few small samples like other subscription boxes. Subscribing allows you to be introduced to new social good companies and products and if you love them you can incorporate them into your daily life! (I now only buy Smarty Pants vitamins and Good Spread peanut butter).

Sevenly Causebox. This is the Spring Box. Every item contributes to world change.  Also, when you purchase a box, $7 goes to charity.

This Spring 2015 #CAUSEBOX02 was filled with so many items I am super excited about.

  • Half United “Fighting Hunger” Necklace ($34) – Each “Fighting Hunger necklace incorporates three hand-polished recycled bullet casings to take a strong stance in the fight against hunger. Half United’s mission is to use fashion to provide aid for world hunger. They donate half of their profits from every product sold directly to global hunger relief efforts.
  • Denik “Be The Change” Journal ($17.99) – A portion from every notebook that Denik sells goes toward funding schools in developing countries.
  • Tribe Alive Bracelet ($35) – This super simple, yet chic beaded bracelet is exclusive to Sevenly! Every bracelet is handmade by women in Honduras under fair trade working conditions and each piece contributes to community development and job creation in developing countries.
  • Perf Turkish Towel ($55) – Flat woven in Turkey, this towel is highly absorbent, fast-drying and great for easy packing.
  • “Good Day” Sevenly Cling ($9.95) – A Sevenly original product that peels on and off windows easily.
  • Smarty Pants Vitamins Travel Packets ($4.25) – Smarty Pants partners with Vitamin Angels to give vitamins to a child in need for every bottle they sell!
  • Good Spread Peanut Butter and Honey Packet – When you buy this peanut butter, a malnourished child will receive the equivalent of therapeutic food.

Head on over to the CAUSEBOX website to sign up for a subscription or send a subscription as a gift! This box changes lives.

Thank you CAUSEBOX for sending me this box to share and spread the word!

All Natural, 0 Calorie Drink Mixes For Good

Part of how you and I can create change, as busy moms who often make the household purchases, is to change where we spend our money. There are many, many fair trade or social good companies who make accessories and purses and they are wonderful, but I hardly ever spend money on myself. That’s why I get so excited when I find social good items (as I like to call them) that my family can use everyday and I can easily and affordably replace my existing brand.

Everly is an all-natural, 0 calorie, sugar free and preservative free drink mix. They come in the flavors peach mango (my favorite), green tea passion fruit and pomegranate maqui berry. For every box of Everly purchased, they provide a packet of a life-saving mix called oral rehydration salts to treat children sick with waterborne disease.

All natural, 0 calorie drink packets. For every box purchased they provide a packet of a life-saving mix called oral rehydration salts to treat children sick with waterborne diseases.

“1.8 million people die every year from [waterborne] diseases (including cholera); 90% are children under 5, mostly in developing countries.”- World Health Organization, 2013

Oral Rehydration Salts rapidly rehydrate victims of waterborne diseases. These packets save lives. 

Everly provides the funds to the non profit ColaLife for the production of these ORS packets which are produced in Zambia by Zambians. These packets come in a kit that also contains zinc supplements and soap which helps treat diarrhea.

Put Everly in your lunch boxes, serve it at get-togethers, drink it at the gym. You can help reduce the number of people who die from waterborne diseases by a simple drink.

You can purchase Everly drink mixes here on Amazon!

Everly drink packets. These are all natural and 0 calorie and come in peach mango, pomegranate maqui berry and green tea passion fruit. For every box sold they provide a packet of life-saving oral rehydration salts to treat children sick with waterborne diseases!