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150+ Social Good Companies with Fair Trade, Buy One Give One Products or Who Donate a Portion of Proceeds.

150+ companies that have fair trade products, you buy one they give one to someone in need or they donate a portion of their proceeds. Purchase with a purpose!

It is important to purchase with a purpose and know where your products come from because the products you buy may very well have been made in sweatshops, by people who are enslaved or even made by child labor. I am always looking to support companies that have fair trade products, participate in the “Buy One Give One” movement or donate a portion of their proceeds to worthwhile causes. I could never find a great list of all of these companies in one place so I decided to make one. Here are 150+ companies that exist for social good. Support them and share them and spread the word to buy with a purpose!

If you know of any other social good companies, please leave them in the comments below. I will update this list as I research and find more!

Article 22 – Ethical jewelry made from bombs by artisans in Laos, one of the most heavily bombed countries in the world. With each Peacebomb sold, ARTICLE 22 and the artisans of Ban Naphia support their families, community, and country, helping make land safe.1 bracelet helps clear bombs from 3m2 of farmland.

Anne B Designs – Clutches, cosmetic bags and other accessories handmade in the USA by refugees.

Accompany – A global curation of the world’s finest fair trade products. Everything from apparel to kids items is handpicked by fashion insiders for change.

Amazig Leathers – Leather goods handmade by artisans in North Africa. 10% of profits go in to a community development fund that is available to support educational and economic development initiatives in the Imazighen communities and artisans have access to business loans in order to further develop their businesses.

Akola – Jewelry handcrafted by artisans in Uganda who receive vocational training, dependable employment and savings and loans associations.

Alter Eco – Socially just and environmentally responsible truffles, chocolate, quinoa and sugar from small-scale farmers. Alter Eco products are Fair Trade certified and they work on development programs in the areas their farmers work.

Alaffia – A certified fair trade, handmade shea butter and skincare line. Alaffia was created to help West African communities become sustainable through the fair trade of indigenous resources. One key to sustainability is empowerment of individuals within the communities.

Aduzad – Accessories, bags and home products handmade in Ecuador.

Beza Threads – Scarves handmade by former slaves in Ethiopia. 100% of the funds go back to help remove children from slavery and to then educate and empower them.

Beza Threads

Better Life Bags – Custom bags and purses made by women, often immigrants,  in Detroit who otherwise would not be able to work. Many often become primary providers for their families.

Badala – A collection of jewelry, accessories and home items made by single mothers in the Kenya and Rwanda. Their microeconomic program seeks to empower single mothers in impoverished communities by training and hiring them to make fair trade items.

Bombas – Socks that are engineered and designed to look better, feel better and with a mission to help those in need. For every pair purchased, Bombas donates a pair to someone in need.

Bought Beautifully – An online marketplace of accessories, art and clothing with vendors who know their supply chain, pay fair wages, prioritize safe working conditions.

Bottle Bright – Unique all natural cleaners for drinking containers with an environmentally friendly focus and a socially conscious mission. With every purchase, they give the same amount to people in need of clean water containers.

Baby Teresa – A line of 100% organic cotton baby clothing and accessories that donates a baby outfit to a child in need for every baby outfit purchased.

Brown Water Coffee – Freshly roasted coffee shipped to your doorstep within 72 hours of roasting. With every purchase, you give someone gallons of clean water.

Brilliant Earth – Conflict-free diamonds. Brilliant Earth provides the highest quality jewelry originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices.

Bull + Moose – Mens ties with proceeds from every purchase go back to Got Your 6, an organization focused on supporting veterans as they re-enter into civilian life. B+M also uses profits to help fund micro loans via Kiva.org

Boot Campaign – Boots. Proceeds from all Boot Campaign combat boot sales, events, direct donations and corporate sponsorships fund the campaign’s five Assistance initiatives for past and present military personnel: Jobs, Housing, Wellness, Urgent Assistance, and Family Support.

Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself – A non-profit clothing brand that lets you decide how 100% of the profit is given. All of the clothing is made from organic cotton and exceeds labor standards.

Come Together Trading Company – A marketplace of unique, handmade fair trade gifts from around the world.

Charity:water – 100% of the profits from the goods directly fund clean water projects.

Dot Products – Office and school supplies that provide a half day of education for a child in Mexico, DRC and Tanzania for every product purchased.

DivvyUp – Every time they sell a pair of our awesome socks, they will donate a brand new pair of plain white or black socks to the local homeless shelter.

DivvyUp Socks

Denik – Notebooks, journals and sketchbooks designed by global artists with a portion of each book being used to build schools.

Della – Computer cases and purses made in Ghana, West Africa by artisans who receive jobs, education and skills training.

Dsenyo – Apparel, bags and gifts made in Malawi, Brazil and Zambia.

Ethletic – Fair trade produced shoes that made from sustainable resources, 100% vegan and come from a certified Fair Trade supply chain.

Elephant Landing – Handmade pillows, throws and scarfs made by women in India who are able to work from their homes and earn a fair wage. 100% of the profits are used to continue providing employment and expanding education programs for women in new villages throughout India.

Everything Happy – Children’s clothing, blankies, bibs and more. For every Happy product purchased, another one is given to a child in need.

Fair Spirits – A spirits brand dedicated to high quality products that are sourced ethically and sustainably. FAIR is the world’s first and unique Fair Trade Certified spirits brand.

FEED Projects – Bags, accessories and apparel made from natural products and artisan-made materials, along with fair-labor production. Each purchased product has a set donation through the World Food Programme and Feeding America.

Fortuned Culture – A jewelry line designed to shed light on the realities of a dire phenomenon, condition or cause. Proceeds from the purchase help charity partners who are focused on creating long-lasting advancements for people in need.

Frustrated Farmgirl – Fair trade soaps that supports people in the margins in Kenya, Uganda and Palestine.

Fortress of Inca – Shoes handmade in Peru from premium materials by artisans who receive fair wages.

FashionABLE – Scarves and other accessories made by women in Ethiopia. FashionABLE works with women to help them start small business cooperatives, and partners with and require manufacturers to also employ women with fair wages & fair hiring practices.

Feeding the Orphans – Bags and accessories made by single mothers in Ghana, West Africa. All purchases help empower single mothers and provide food and clean water and medication to children in need.

Glorify Apparel – Religious Apparel that donates 25% of each purchase to the charity of your choice.

Good Spread – When you buy a packet of this all natural peanut butter, a malnourished child will receive a packet of therapeutic food.

Give Perf - Blankets hand-woven by artisans in Mexico. 15% of sales are donated to a featured organization until the giving goal has been met. They seek to partner with the organizations who believe in the power of giving.

Give Perf

Hands Producing Hope – Unique handcrafted jewelry created by marginalized women in Costa Rica. Through the program, the artisans are provided with training, a consistent income, life skills classes and spiritual guidance.

Hiptipico – Authentic artisan-made backpacks, accessories and home goods. Hiptico pays fair wages, works to provide more local jobs and the products are socially and environmentally conscious.

Handcrafting Justice – A fair trade marketplace selling everything from toys to home decor.

Haiti Baby – Baby hats and blankets made by moms in Haiti empowering them to earn living wages to care for their families and keep their children out of orphanages.

Hydros Bottle – A filtering water bottle that is BPA free and made in America. Part of the proceeds from each purchase helps fund sustainable water infrastructure products with Engineers Without Borders.

Humble Brush – Biodegradable bamboo tooth brushes with BPA free bristles. For every toothbrush purchased, Humble Brush gives the same amount to their partner charities.

Humble Pen – Fair trade and sustainable bamboo pens handcrafted in India. For every pen purchased, Humble Pen donates 2 pencils, 1 reading book, 1 notebook and 1 healthy meal to a child in need.

Half United – Jewelry made from bullet casings. Half United donates half of it’s profits from ever product sold to fighting the global hunger epidemic in the USA, Fiji, Cambodia and Madagascar.

Indego Africa – Handmade baskets, accessories and jewelry made by women in Rwanda. 100% of profits from sales, donations and grants goes to fund job skills training programs for the artisan partners in business management, technology, entrepreneurship, and English & Kinyarwanda literacy.

Imagine Goods – Clothing handmade by artisans in Cambodia.

Invisible Children – All donations and purchases fund Invisible Children’s mission of civilian protection and rehabilitation of children abducted by the LRA. Our protection and recovery programs focus on the futures of war-affected youth while our worldwide advocacy aims to establish long-term peace and prosperity.

JC Denim Co. – Handcrafted jeans made by young women who have been rescued out of sexual exploitation in Cambodia.

Jacobs Scarves – Quality scarves that are responsibly sourced, supporting small communities and businesses whenever possible. For every scarf ordered, 50% of the profits go towards a child’s education.

JOYN – Handbags, clutches and accessories made by artisans in India. JOYN has partnered with a nonprofit called JoyCorps to provide employees with not only steady jobs and a good work environment, but a daily meal plan, education for their children, English and vocational training, and medical care.

Kurandza – Jewelry handmade by artisans in Mozambique who receive fair wages and other opportunities.

Kate Spade – Artisans in Rwanda have created handmade pieces for Kate Spade’s on purpose line for Kate Spade New York, Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade.

Krochet Kids intl. – Hats, apparel and accessories made by over 150 people in Uganda and Peru who are working, receiving education, and being mentored toward a brighter future in creating gifts that give back.

KidKnits – Craft kits to make your own wool hat with yarn from Rwanda or Chile.

Lydali – An online collection of ethical handmade items from craftsmen around the world.

Lamon Luther – Reclaimed wood handcrafted furniture created by homeless carpenters in the US who are transitioning out of recovery programs.

Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Co. – Quality, fair trade coffee made in Rwanda. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. partners with farmers and local community leaders to develop the coffee into a sustainable income, pay a just Living Wage, and strive to further meet the needs of the people.

LSTN Headphones – Sustainable wood headphones. For every pair purchased, LSTN helps restore hearing to a person in need.

LSTN Headphones


LUSH – Handmade cosmetics and bath and body products. Since starting their program Charity Pot in 2007, they’ve donated more than $5,800,000 to over 600 grassroots charities in 35 countries. All products are made with fresh, ethically sourced and made ingredients.

Lifestraw – Portable filters and water bottles. For each LifeStraw product you purchase, one school child in a developing country is provided with safe drinking water for an entire school year.

Love Your Melon – For every hat purchased, Love Your Melon Foundation provides therapeutic entertainment and comfy hats to children battling cancer during the difficult cancer treatment process.

Little Sun – A high-quality, solar-powered LED lamp. Little Sun doesn’t just donate lights, they train young entrepreneurs to start their own Little Sun businesses in developing communities to create jobs and generate local profits.

Mujus – Jewelry made with high quality, organic and sustainable raw materials by artisans in Peru who receive health benefits, fair-trade wages and flexible family-friendly schedules.

Musana Jewelry – Handcrafted jewelry made by artisans in Uganda. Artisans benefit from stable employment as well as classes in English, business, and health. Through Musana’s programs, artisans are able to provide for their families, pay for their childrens’ schooling, and ensure themselves a brighter future.

Mica Gem – A men and women’s fragrance. For every bottle, they will provide a mosquito net to a child in need.

Mata Traders – Fair trade apparel, accessories and home decor made by artisans in India and Nepal.

Manos Zapotecas – High quality, handcrafted fair trade rugs, tapestries, and bags made by artisans in Mexico.

Milta Moda – Apparel, rugs, backpacks, bags and other handcrafted goods made in Mexico. Each purchase helps them to further our mission of reinvesting all profits back into the artisan communities in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Maya Mueble – Furniture textiles made in El Salvador and Guatemala.

Mission Lazarus – Leather goods and coffee made in Honduras. Your purchase funds vocational schools and agriculture programs, provides an education, artisans skill, financial stipend for their work, one nutritious meal a day and healthcare.

Mitscoots – American made socks. Mitscoots employs the homeless to help them get back on their feet. Plus, for every sock purchased, another is donated to someone in need.

Noonday Collection – Jewelry and accessories handcrafted by artisans around the world who receive a fair wage. Noonday offers no interest loans, scholarship programs, emergency assistance and long term trade.

Nisolo – Responsibly sourced and beautifully designed shoes made in Peru. Artisans receive above fair trade wages, safe working conditions and skills training.

Nena and Co. – Accessories and bags made in Guatemala by artisans who receive fair wages.

One Loom Designs – Handwoven guitar straps, headbands and keychains made in Guatemala.

Oliberte – The world’s first fair trade certified shoe brand. The sustainable shoes are handmade in Sub-Saharan Africa. 1% of proceeds also go towards non-profits dedicated to sustainability and the environment.

Oliberte Fair Trade Shoes

ONE - Apparel, bags and accessories. An international campaigning and advocacy organization focusing to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases. ONE’s products are from companies that are engaged in lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing. A portion of proceeds go to the ONE campaign or other social good companies.

One World Futbol – An ultra-durable soccer ball that never goes flat. For every ball you buy, a second is donated to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide.

One Hope Coffee – With every freshly ground coffee purchase, half of the proceeds go directly to making an impact on a monthly cause.

One Hope Wine – With every wine purchased, up to half of the proceeds go to their partner charities fighting childhood hunger, diseases, and other causes.

Pacha Soap – Sustainable soaps. With every bar purchased they donate one to someone in need. They have also started their first soap making factory in Burundi which employs local people and uses local ingredients.

Purpose Jewelry – Purpose jewelry is handcrafted by survivors of modern-day slavery. 100% of the proceeds benefit International Sanctuary, a non profit that provides holistic care for young women rescued from sex trafficking.

Patagonia – Apparel, shoes and bags. Patagonia engages in a range of due diligence activities to promote fair labor practices and ensure good working conditions in their factories. The products are made from high-quality materials while focusing on reducing their environmental and social impact.

Pura Vida Bracelets – Bracelets made by artisans in Costa Rica. In addition to full time jobs with fair wages, Pura Vida donates hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly to partner organizations and is a member of 1% for the Planet.

Purse & Clutch – Handbags and clutches all under $100. A Fair Trade Handbag Boutique that partners with artisans around the world who create their products with an emphasis on craft & quality. These artisans are treated with respect and are paid a living wage for their region.

Passion Lilie – A fair trade clothing and accessory line made in India by artisans who receive a fair wage, training, education and medical assistance.

Pebble Child – Fair trade kids toys handmade in Bangladesh.

Punjammies – Handmade pajamas and clothing made by women artisans in India by creating jobs and employing women.

Prosperity Candle – Every candle purchased helps provide a living wage for the women artisans who have recently resettled from refugee camps and are working to build a brighter future for themselves and their families in the United States.

Prosperity Candle

Raven & Lily – Jewelry, apparel and accessories made by artisans in India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cambodia, Pakistan, and the USA at fair trade wages to give them access to a safe job, sustainable income, health care and education.

Red Earth Trading Co. – Jewelry handcrafted by artisans around the world receiving a fair wage and interest free loans.

Rising Tide Fair Trade – Bags, clutches and totes handcrafted in India who earn a fair wage and can work from home. A percentage of profits are donated to philanthropic programs that educate and equip under served young women with the skills needed to secure employment or start a business.

Rooted Beauty – A high quality natural skincare line. Each Rooted Beauty skincare product helps a woman escape from extreme poverty and trafficking through our Woman2Woman Project.

Runjanji – Athletic running apparel. A portion of proceeds funds organizations that are alleviating the worst problems related to water.

Solo Hope – Jewelry and bags handcrafted of pine straw and thread in rural Honduras. Besides a fair, steady income, ten percent of all sales goes into an education fund for students in Honduras.

Sheva – A feminine hygiene online store. And, every time you receive your SHEVA box, we donate a box filled with sanitary pads to a girl in need through our partnered NGOs.

Solve Sunglasses – With every pair of sunglasses you purchase, SOLVE will give someone in need clean water for life through Water Missions International.

Sseko Designs – Footwear, Accessories and leather bags. Sseko Designs provides employment during the 9 month gap between high school and university where high potential young women are able to earn and save enough money to pay for college tuition.


Starfish Project – A socially responsible jewelry business in order to provide women with alternative employment and a range of holistic care services. Starfish Project provides opportunities for women to heal and grow through counseling, vocational training, language acquisition, family education grants and health care access, as well as providing housing in our women’s shelter.

SutiSana – Bags and purses made with the purpose of providing dignified employment and a new life for women attempting to leave prostitution in El Alto, Bolivia.

Shawl Wallah – Ethically produced Pashmina products from artisans in Kashmir. With each shawl purchased, 20% is being reinvested to nonprofits that work in Kashmir.

Sole Rebels – Shoes and sandals handcrafted by artisans in Ethiopia, started by an Ethiopian woman to bring job opportunities in the nation with cool footwear.

Stone and Cloth – Backpacks and tote bags. 10% of proceeds go to education funds in Tanzania.

Sevenly – A clothing and accessory line designed for specific charities. Sevenly exists to bring funding and awareness to the world’s greatest causes. Every item purchased on Sevenly.org gives $7 to the designated charity.

Smile Squared – Toothbrushes. For every toothbrush puchased, Smile Squared donates one to a child in need.

Slum Love – Handmade sweaters by artisans in Kiberia, Kenya who receive jobs and education.

Sackcloth & Ashes – High quality blankets. For every blanket purchased, they will donate one to your local homeless shelter.

Soapbox Soaps – Soapbox soaps donates one bar of soap, fresh water or vitamin supplements to a child in need for every bar purchased.

Trades of Hope – Jewelry and accessories handmade by artisans in the USA and around the world.

TIM Watch – Customizable watches. When you purchase a TIM watch, a micro-fund is immediately given to a person in need, helping them to get out of poverty. You can follow your TIM watch’s journey by registering your watch on the TIM app. You can track the progress of your TIM and see which countries your TIM’s funds are currently giving in, how many people you have helped, and you can learn about the actual people whose lives are being changed because of your TIM.

The Brave Collection – Jewelry handmade in Cambodia where artisans work in a fair and free work environment, paid above average work wages and receive other benefits such as healthcare and stipends for their children’s education.

The Shine Project – Jewelry handmade by inner city youth helping them pay for college.

Tukula – An accessories line based in Jinja, Uganda who hire young women who are trained as seamstresses but aren’t able to find consistent work. Along with a fair wage these women receive medical care, an encouraging work environment, and access to savings programs.

This Bar Saves Lives – For every non-gmo granola bar purchased, a life-saving packet of food is sent to where it is needed the most.

Torrain – Handmade bags from recycled materials by artisans in Cambodia. Torrain saves energy and reduces the amount of pollutants in the environment by using natural and recycled fabrics. Packaging materials, stationary and hangtags are also 100% recycled and printed with natural dyes.

Toms – Shoes, Coffee and Eyewear. With every shoe purchased, Toms will donate shoes to a person in need. For every bag of coffee, TOMS will provide a week of clean water to a person in need and for every pair of eyewear purchased help restores the sight of someone in need.

Teysha – Custom, handcrafted boots by artisans in Guatemala with locally sourced materials.


The Root Collective – Handmade shoes, accessories and jewelry by artisans in Guatemala who are paid a fair wage. 10% of proceeds are donated back to the non profits who work in the communities in which the artisans live.

Thistle Farms – Bath and body products made with finest ingredients by a community of women in Tennessee who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction.

Tribe Alive – Purses and jewelry made by artisans partners all over the world. Artisans are employed at fair trade wages, a safe job, sustainable income and a chance to determine their own future.

Twosome Socks – For every pair of socks purchased, Twosome donates dress socks to companies that treat the individuals in their entirety, making them ready to face and take on everyday life.

The Little Market – A fair trade marketplace who is committed to identifying and partnering with artisan groups with limited access to markets due to their remote locations, their small-scale production, or their lack of technical support.

To The Market – A marketplace of survivor-made goods from around the world. To the Market also offers their local partners trend forecasting and basic mental health resources.

Ten Thousand Villages – A fair trade retailer since 1946.

Tegu – Kid’s wooden, magnetic building blocks made in Honduras. Artisans are paid a fair wage and long term career growth is prioritized. For every 1 tree Tegu harvests, they plant 983 more.

Tegu Fair Trade Wooden Blocks


Unroasted Co. – Organic, fair trade coffee. Unroasted Co. partners with non-profits who are making progress in rescuing women and children from human trafficking and who are working with local governments to end this modern day slavery. UNROASTED CO. gives a portion of every sale to rescue, feed, and educate these exploited humans.

Unlock Hope – A clothing line that benefits young refugee girls in Uganda, many of whom are orphaned. When you buy one of our products you are helping to cover every single expense necessary for supporting these girls in their pursuit of an education.    Health care, food, housing, utilities, transportation, support staff, school fees, clothing, uniforms, toiletries, school supplies, books and more are completely paid for – all thanks to you!

Warby Parker – For every pair of glasses purchased, one pair is given to someone in need.

Wear Figs – For every set of scrubs sold, FIGS gives a set to a healthcare provider in need in impoverished areas where they are poorly compensated for their hard work and dedication. Without the proper medical attire, the spreading of disease and illness increases exponentially.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks – Hand-woven hammocks made by artisans in Thailand who receive a fair wage and a flexible, sustainable and safe job.

2 Degrees Food – Gluten free and vegan snack bars. For every 2 Degrees bar you buy, they feed a hungry child through their network of non-profit partners in developing countries as well as locally.

31 Bits – Handcrafted jewelry made by artisans in Uganda. 31 bits implemented a five-year holistic development program in Uganda, where each woman receives health education, finance training, counseling, and business training. She belongs to a community where she can earn an income, be educated, and dream for her future. After five years in the program, the women graduate, leaving with an education, a career, social equity, confidence, and a voice.

1 Face – Touchscreen watches. 1Face supports nine causes; cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS, education, and animal rights, and have partnered with different charities to bring global change. Each cause has a specific metric that tells you exactly what your purchase does. From building wells to providing a year of education, 1Face is committed to bringing about change, worldwide.

(RED) products – (RED) partners with iconic brands to bring you HIV and AIDS fighting products by donating 50% of proceeds from the sales.

Give Back This Thanksgiving. Kenwood Vineyards & WhyHunger

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Kenwood Vineyards. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

This Thanksgiving is the first Thanksgiving that Manny and Priscilla will experience in America. In one of Manny’s recent classroom assignments they were asked to write about Thanksgiving. On his paper he wrote: “I don’t know Thanksgiving. I wish to know Thanksgiving. I hope I know what Thanksgiving is.”

His homework made me realize that I haven’t done a good enough job of discussing what Thanksgiving is beyond eating the turkey.

Has Thanksgiving become solely about the meal? It seems that our culture almost skips over Thanksgiving and goes right to Christmas. Many of us even put up our Christmas tree and decorations on Thanksgiving or the day after. We are in such a hurry for Christmas to get here before Thanksgiving has even passed!

This Thanksgiving I am hiding the iPads, turning off the TV and making it more of a point to focus on THANKFULNESS and FAMILY.


Our church donates all of the ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal to 40+ families in our community and our family is participating. I am making this a yearly tradition and involving my kids because we have so much to be thankful for and it’s important to instill giving back at a young age.

I don’t know about you, but my family likes to have a bottle of wine especially for special occasions. This Thanksgiving, the wine on our table will be from Kenwood Vineyards. As you know, I like to support companies that give back and this year Kenwood Vineyards will be donating $25,000 to WhyHunger in support of ending hunger in America.

WhyHunger is a recognized leader in the movement to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.

You can give back with Kenwood Vineyards by donating a virtual holiday meal for WhyHunger. Donate today or set up a team to challenge your friends to give back!

Kenwood Vineyards

Kenwood Vineyards is located in Sonoma Valley and is dedicated to producing premium wines, many of them from sustainably farmed grapes from Sonoma’s world class vineyards including Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma Valley and Sonoma Mountain.

In addition to using natural soil amendments and pest controls, each lot from each vineyard is kept separate throughout the winemaking process to ensure that the wines showcase classic character, subtle complexity and superb balance.

Kenwood Vineyards Wine

7 Social Good Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are super popular right now and you can find monthly boxes of everything from jerky to kid’s crafts. Ever since I went to the AYA Summit in DC last month, I have tried to focus on what I can do to empower women from my own home. One of those ways is to buy fair trade or support products and businesses that donate back to non-profits.

Here are seven social good subscription boxes that would be a perfect gift for yourself or a gift this Christmas season!

7 Social Good Subscription Boxes


Trade As One - Fair Trade Subscription Box

Trade As One – This fair trade subscription box is delivered to your door every 3 months and includes 12-15 ethically-sourced products. Each product in the box helps provide living wages to their producers all over the globe. This living wage can then help them enrich their families and their communities. It’s easy to enjoy healthy, ethical food and directly support the farmers who make it. Live Simply, Buy Ethically.

Price: $99/3 months

Love with Food Subscription Box

LOVE WITH FOODYou can choose from three different subscription box options: Tasting Box, Deluxe Box and Gluten Free Box. Each box is filled with new, organic or all-natural snacks. You can snack smart and do good at the same time because for each tasting box sold, Love with Food donates one meal to food banks such as Feeding America or Share Our Strength- No Kid Hungry. For every Deluxe or Gluten Free Box they donate two meals.

Price: Tasting Box $10/month, Deluxe Box $17/month or Gluten Free Box $24.50/month 

Click here for 50% off the Gluten Free Box!

Fair Treasure Fair Trade Subscription Box

Fair Treasure2-3 hand-picked quality fair trade jewelry, accessories and/or home decor is sent to your door each month.  By buying fair trade, communities are improved; nutritional needs met; health care costs are covered; the poor, especially women, are empowered, and protection for the environment is valued.In the process, you’ll get to explore the finest global designs and creativity — from the mountains of Central and South America, to the rural villages of India and Nepal, to the city streets of Turkey and Morocco.

Price: Monthly subscription $35/month. Discounts for 3, 6 and 12 months purchased.

Conscious Box Eco Friendly Subscription Box

Conscious Box“Scours the planet to bring you the absolute best ethical and sustainable everyday products. Together, we can create better lives, and build a more beautiful world.” Each box contains all-natural and GMO-free products. They always aim to support sustainable, fair trade businesses and are a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization that pools resources from businesses to support environmental causes. There are three option boxes: Vegan, Gluten Free and Classic.

Price: Plus Box Classic: $19.95/month Taster Box Classic: $9.95/month Discounts for 3, 6 and 12 months.

Umba Subscription Box

Umba – Umba box is for those who are passionate about handmade products. Umba empowers handmade artists and small batch producers both in the US and around the world to make a living wage. The scour the community for the freshest handmade goods including home goods, women’s accessories, stationary and bath products.

Price: Discover Box $25/month + shipping Delight Box $49/month + shipping

CauseBox by Sevenly

Causebox by Sevenly – Every three months you receive a box full of $150+ worth of Sevenly’s favorite world-changing products for women from socially conscious brands. A new, exclusive Sevenly product will also be included in each box. For every box sold, Sevenly will donate $7 to your choice of one of their partner charities. Every box contains a “Reveal Card” that helps explain how and why they chose each product, and also, what each inclusion means for the betterment of the global community.

Price: $54.95/quarter or $199.80 annually

Fair Trade Friday Subscription Box

Fair Trade Friday – Your monthly FTF box includes 3-4 handcrafted fair trade items, a signature handmade bag and a gift tag in case you’d like to gift any of the products. 100% of the proceeds support the artisans, over 300 women and their children from all over the world. Every box is a minimum $50-75 worth of product.

Price: Reoccurring monthly box $31.99, one-time box $35 plus $10 shipping.

Please let me know if you know of any other social good subscription boxes!