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Healthy Snacks… that taste delicious!

Healthy Snacks.... that actually taste delicious.

I try to eat healthy, but I also practice moderation when I eat some of my favorite not-so-healthy foods. As a busy mom, it seems that convenience foods are what I appreciate the most. Convenience foods aren’t always synonymous with unhealthy, though. Here are a few of my favorite, quick and healthy snacks.

  • A banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drizzle of honey and a tablespoon of peanut butter.
  • Super skinny spinach and artichoke dip. I make a batch of this and keep it in the fridge the rest of the week to eat with fresh veggies.
  • Cottage cheese with a few grape tomatoes, half of an avocado and a sprinkle of salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.
  • Popped Amaranth protein balls. If you’ve never heard of this cool superfood, check it out!
  • Flavored water! This water with fresh mint, lemon, ginger and cucumber always tastes great and gets me drinking more glasses of water each day.
  • Homemade Chia Drinks. Yes, you can make chia drinks at home!
  • Overnight Oats. Mix all of the ingredients together, put it in the fridge and you’ve got breakfast or a snack the next morning!
  • Nourish Snacks These are delicious and convenient snacks that are easy to fit in your purse when you are on the go or when you need a filling snack. Each unique snack combination is made with simple, wholesome ingredients you can trust. There are no GMO’s, preservatives, no artificial colors or sweeteners and they are naturally gluten free!

Nourish Snacks

These flavor combinations are out of this world and are all under 200 calories!

Monkey Love: Chocolate banana granola bites
Berry’d treasure: Blueberry apple granola bites
Coconut Chewphoria: chewy coconut almond bar
Mr. Popular: Half-popped corn kernels
Cocoa loco: Dark chocolate chia oat clusters
Granny’s Apple Pie: Cinnamon spiced apples and walnuts
Holy Habañero: habanero-spiced roasted corn

There are so many more unique snacks, even snack packs for kids! You can check them out at the Nourish Snack Shop. Receive $10 off your first order with the code FRIEND10 at checkout.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nourish Snacks. Eat Happy!

7 Social Good Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are super popular right now and you can find monthly boxes of everything from jerky to kid’s crafts. Ever since I went to the AYA Summit in DC last month, I have tried to focus on what I can do to empower women from my own home. One of those ways is to buy fair trade or support products and businesses that donate back to non-profits.

Here are seven social good subscription boxes that would be a perfect gift for yourself or a gift this Christmas season!

7 Social Good Subscription Boxes


Trade As One - Fair Trade Subscription Box

Trade As OneThis fair trade subscription box is delivered to your door every 3 months and includes 12-15 ethically-sourced products. Each product in the box helps provide living wages to their producers all over the globe. This living wage can then help them enrich their families and their communities. It’s easy to enjoy healthy, ethical food and directly support the farmers who make it. Live Simply, Buy Ethically.

Price: $99/3 months

Love with Food Subscription Box

LOVE WITH FOODYou can choose from three different subscription box options: Tasting Box, Deluxe Box and Gluten Free Box. Each box is filled with new, organic or all-natural snacks. You can snack smart and do good at the same time because for each tasting box sold, Love with Food donates one meal to food banks such as Feeding America or Share Our Strength- No Kid Hungry. For every Deluxe or Gluten Free Box they donate two meals.

Price: Tasting Box $10/month, Deluxe Box $17/month or Gluten Free Box $24.50/month 

Click here for 50% off the Gluten Free Box!

Fair Treasure Fair Trade Subscription Box

Fair Treasure2-3 hand-picked quality fair trade jewelry, accessories and/or home decor is sent to your door each month.  By buying fair trade, communities are improved; nutritional needs met; health care costs are covered; the poor, especially women, are empowered, and protection for the environment is valued.In the process, you’ll get to explore the finest global designs and creativity — from the mountains of Central and South America, to the rural villages of India and Nepal, to the city streets of Turkey and Morocco.

Price: Monthly subscription $35/month. Discounts for 3, 6 and 12 months purchased.

Conscious Box Eco Friendly Subscription Box

Conscious Box“Scours the planet to bring you the absolute best ethical and sustainable everyday products. Together, we can create better lives, and build a more beautiful world.” Each box contains all-natural and GMO-free products. They always aim to support sustainable, fair trade businesses and are a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization that pools resources from businesses to support environmental causes. There are three option boxes: Vegan, Gluten Free and Classic.

Price: Plus Box Classic: $19.95/month Taster Box Classic: $9.95/month Discounts for 3, 6 and 12 months.

Umba Subscription Box

Umba – Umba box is for those who are passionate about handmade products. Umba empowers handmade artists and small batch producers both in the US and around the world to make a living wage. The scour the community for the freshest handmade goods including home goods, women’s accessories, stationary and bath products.

Price: Discover Box $25/month + shipping Delight Box $49/month + shipping

CauseBox by Sevenly

Causebox by Sevenly – Every three months you receive a box full of $150+ worth of Sevenly’s favorite world-changing products for women from socially conscious brands. A new, exclusive Sevenly product will also be included in each box. For every box sold, Sevenly will donate $7 to your choice of one of their partner charities. Every box contains a “Reveal Card” that helps explain how and why they chose each product, and also, what each inclusion means for the betterment of the global community.

Price: $54.95/quarter or $199.80 annually

Fair Trade Friday Subscription Box

Fair Trade Friday – Your monthly FTF box includes 3-4 handcrafted fair trade items, a signature handmade bag and a gift tag in case you’d like to gift any of the products. 100% of the proceeds support the artisans, over 300 women and their children from all over the world. Every box is a minimum $50-75 worth of product.

Price: Reoccurring monthly box $31.99, one-time box $35 plus $10 shipping.

Please let me know if you know of any other social good subscription boxes!

Take The Rapid Renewal Challenge!

The harsh winter cold of Iowa brings excessive dryness to two of my children and we have to be vigilante about putting on lotion daily. Priscilla has no problems with remembering to do this, probably because she is the girliest girl you will ever meet and she loves smelly lotions. Manny on the other hand needs to be reminded to lotion up and even then, it’s like pulling teeth.

When preparing for Manny and Priscilla to come home, I was researching what hair care and skin care products to use. With so many products out there and feeling overwhelmed, I asked a Black friend for her recommendations. I didn’t need to order anything online or spend a fortune on some lotion with rare ingredients because she recommended any Vaseline brand lotion (and we’ve been using it ever since)!

Priscilla took the Rapid Renewal Challenge, by using the new Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion.


Thanks to Vaseline found at Family Dollar, you can find an affordable solution for dryness and see healed skin in just 3 weeks! Starting 11/3/14, print your coupon and bring it in-store for $1.00 off the new Intensive Care Lotion: bit.ly/1tJbNo8

Feel the difference in just 3 weeks! Post a tweet sharing how the new Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion has healed your skin using #FDRapidRenewal, for a chance to win a $30 Family Dollar gift card.

Enter below for your chance to win a $50 Family Dollar gift card.

$50 Family Dollar Gift Card

*Sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own.