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Use That Ham Bone! Slow Cooker Ham and Beans

I think I’m on a ham kick, getting ready for Easter. I made a whole bone-in ham a few days ago and have been trying to use up the leftovers. I made a ham, white bean and kale soup using leftover ham and now on to another ham recipe which happens to be in the slow cooker too. I love it when meals are easy.

Don’t throw away that ham bone after you are done carving, this recipe uses the bone! Not only do I like finding new ways to use leftovers, but I also like when I can use all parts of an ingredient rather than throwing it away.

A huge ham bone doesn’t look too appetizing, so I used the creative placement of text to hopefully not turn you off to this recipe before trying it :)

Don't throw away that ham bone this Easter! Use it to make slow cooker ham + beans.

Before visiting Ghana I had never tried black eyed peas, but it was my go-to dish over there. It was either that or dried fish or goat meat and my pallet isn’t that adventurous yet.

Here in the midwest we are more meat and potato type of people, but I know black eyed peas are served often down south. I loved how in Ghana they put fried onions on top. The crunch is needed in the soft, slow cooked beans.

So this Easter, don’t throw away that ham bone!

Slow Cooker Ham and Beans

1 ham bone
1 lb. of dried black eyed peas
1 small onion, sliced
6 cups of water
2 Tbls or a few cubes of chicken bouillon
1/2 tsp pepper
fried onions to top

Throw everything in the slow cooker and cook low for 8 hours. Take out the ham bone and be sure to scrape off all of that good meat! Top the beans with fried onions and put a little parsley for color.

Happy Easter!


Leftover Ham, White Bean and Kale Soup

I purchased a ham a week ago with intentions to make an Easter ham recipe for my Litehouse gig. Unfortunately, a few days after we moved into our new home, I turned on the oven for only the second time and sparks flew out. That kind of ruined my recipe plans, so I scrapped that idea and just cooked the ham a few days later using The Pioneer Woman’s glazed Easter ham recipe, which is probably more delicious than anything I could come up with anyways.

With a ton of ham leftovers and one night where I didn’t have any dinner plans, I decided to make Leftover Ham, White Bean and Kale Soup.

I’ve been using kale in a lot of recipes lately after finding a big bag of frozen kale at Costco. The frozen version works better for me because I can never use fresh kale before it goes bad. It also seems to blend up better in smoothies when it’s frozen. I’ve also been adding beans in a lot more of my meals because they are inexpensive and pack a lot of health benefits.

This soup was kind of a throw-and-go recipe and I was just using whatever I had on hand. You could use any vegetables, spices or beans you have on hand. This is such a simple way to use those ham leftovers when your family gets sick of those ham sandwiches after holidays. You could also throw some ham in this overnight slow cooker breakfast casserole or another slow cooker soup recipe: Cheesy Ham and Potato soup.

Leftover Ham, White Bean and Kale Soup in the slow cooker. The perfect way to use that leftover ham this Easter!

Leftover Ham, White Bean and Kale Soup

(2) 15 oz. cans of cannelini beans
6 cups chicken broth
3 cups of shredded ham
2 cups chopped kale
1 cup sliced carrots
1 Tbls minced garlic
1 Tbls rosemary
2 tsp thyme
1 tsp pepper
1 small onion, diced

Throw everything in the crockpot and cook on high for 2-4 hours or low 4-6.

Leftover Ham, White Bean and Kale soup in the slow cooker. A great way to use that leftover ham after holidays!

Spicy Cashew Chicken

Stir frys are a quick meal and can be jam-packed with any veggies you have on hand. This Spicy Cashew Chicken is better than takeout and has less calories too! Complete in 30 minutes, this is the perfect weeknight meal. Go to Litehouse.com to see my recipe!