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Noonday Collection Fall/Winter Sample Sale!

Noonday Collection Sale! I love, love, love Noonday but with my blog and two newly adopted kids, I realize that there is not enough time in the day. Good news for you is that I’m selling all of my samples (Except my all-time faves which I’m not letting go of)! Leave a comment below stating which item/s you would like along with the paypal email address you will be paying from. Shipping is $5. $7 for the purses. If you purchase three or more items than shipping is free!


Prepare to get noticed, because this bag refuses to blend in! With festive tassels dangling from high quality woven cotton and leather, this roomy tote is truly one of a kind! Sale price: $90 (regularly $138)


We can’t stop talking about this striking hand-embroidered bag woven of vintage H’mong fabric. Vivid hues criss cross in elaborate patterns to create an accessory that is truly a work of art. Vibrant Stitches Sale price: $64 (Regularly $98)


24″L x 2″W, Horn and Handcrafted Paper Beads Sale price $36 (Regular price $56)


The piece that will brighten your day no matter what. Made of festive handcrafted paper beads, you will light up a room whenever you wear this chunky necklace. This piece can be doubled or tripled depending on the look you want. Funky Paper Bead Necklace Sale Price $20.00 Regularly $30.00


We anticipate this necklace to be a Noonday favorite in the near future! Named for Tushabe, one of our Ugandan artisans whose smile could light up a city block, this bold piece is sure to bring a smile to your face as well. Sale Price $40.00 Regular $62.00


Glimmering accent pieces combine with rose and stone colored paper beads in this sparkling addition to our collection. Shine On Necklace Sale Price: $32 Regularly $48.


Wrap your wrists in love! Each bead is handcrafted from recycled paper and then strung on memory wire to create a multi-level look. Handmade by African Style, a group that Noonday Collection helped launch in Uganda. Beaded Statement Bracelet Sale Price: $17 Regularly $26


Ombre yellow and grey blend together for a day to night accessory. Woven by a community of women in the Guatemalan highlands. Your purchase of this products helps them to create more economic stability for their families. Dipped Scarf Sale Price: $25 Regularly $38.


60″L. Wood, Coconut, and Handcrafted Paper Beads. Festival Necklace Sale Price: $25 Regularly $38.


Layers of red paper beads dangle from 15.5” of twisted African fabric. Handmade by African Style, a group that Noonday Collection helped launch in Uganda. Kampala with Love Necklace (a much more darker, maroon color than the photo) Sale price $30 Regularly $48


Bright floral patterns swirl around your waist, making any outfit feel vibrant and fresh.
Each belt is embroidered using ancient, heirloom quality techniques. The artisans are women in poverty stricken rural areas with very few employment opportunities. They usually work at home with their children playing nearby. Approx 38-40.5″L x 1.75″W. Wildflower Belt-Medium Sale Price $40 Regularly $68


This stunning (and eco-friendly!) bib necklace is the perfect complement to a formal dress, but needs nothing more than a white tee shirt to shine! Inca Steps Teal Sale Price: $46 Regularly $72


Sun and shade come together in this eye-catching statement piece sure to brighten up your look. Sweet Clementine Bib Sale Price: $38 Regularly $58


Brass and stone beads hang daintily from a 16″ chain. Handmade by a fair trade artisan group in India that creates avenues of employment for economically disadvantaged artisans in the home-based sector. Dainty Everyday Sale Price: $19 Regularly $30


25″L, Adjustable. Brass, Seed Beads. Collector’s Seed Bead Necklace Sale Price: $25 Regularly $38


These tastefully tasseled bracelets can be mixed and matched with other pieces or worn solo for a bright pop of citrus or violet. Tasseled Bullet Bracelets (Set of 3) Sale Price: $26 Regularly $39.


Delicate white and orange seed beads rain down in a shower of sun colored fringe. Sunshower Earrings Sale Price: $24 Regularly $36


An eye-catching net of faceted silver beading makes a brilliant statement with each turn. Water Drop Prism Earrings Sale Price: $25 Regularly $38.

8 Little Things To Make Your Busy Life Easier

This post is brought to you by P&G!

8 Little Things to Make Your Life Easier. These are so simple!!

Now that our family has recently grown to five, all while living in a tiny house, I have realized I can’t go about life like I did when I only had one child. With three six year olds there is more mess, more toys, more clothes, less time and more chaos. Here are 8 little things that have made my life easier.


1. An Organized Mess is what I like to call the approach of having a place for everything. One of the decorative boxes above the fridge is filled with candy and sweets and the other is filled with the kids’ crayons, markers, coloring books, etc. They aren’t exactly the most organized, but having a space for everything means less junk around the house. This is just one example of my “storage” spaces. When the house is messy it feels more chaotic.

2. Have Kids Help Out. I think it’s important for kids to help out around the house. I can’t do it all myself and I am surely not the maid. I wish we would have started a more defined routine of “chores” but the kids know they need to make their beds in the morning, take their dirty clothes to the laundry, put their backpacks and shoes away after school and put things away after they are done with them.


3. These I call Life Binders. I bought the pretty binder at Target and I should really go get two more to replace the other binders. One holds all of my recipes (more info here), one is a general life binder that holds bills, coupons, receipts, and the kids’ important papers from school. The last binder is our adoption binder, which obviously everyone won’t have. Again, these binders might not be the most organized inside, but I know where everything is and it’s all put away rather then on the kitchen counter.

4. The life binders lead me into the next essential part of organizing a busy household. Meal planning. I know it’s so hard to get into a routine of doing this, but it makes life so much easier. Pinterest has become a huge tool in my meal planning. I have several go-to meals: homemade freezer spaghetti sauce, breakfast for dinner and stir fry.


5. Automatic bill pay. It’s so much easier to not have to worry about paying the bills on time and what bills I have/haven’t paid. I still check to see if everything is correct, but this is just one super easy way to eliminate some stress.

6. Automatic savings. I understand that everyone may not be able to build a savings depending on life circumstances or where they are at in their lives. With every paycheck we automatically have a certain amount going into savings and we never account for that in our available budget. Having savings on hand equals less stress.

7. Find products that work and stick to them. I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a beauty or cleaning product because it was on sale only to find I hated the scent, it didn’t work as well as I wanted it to, or it really wasn’t as good of a deal as I thought. I tried both the Tide pods and NEW Gain flings (available at Target) and love both the scent, stain fighting capabilities and ease of just throwing the pods in. As you can see my clean laundry for today is piling up, but at least they are clean! With three six year olds, I need all of the stain fighting I can get.


8. One stop shop. I used to be big into coupons. It consumed too much of my life. Cutting the coupons, going to several different stores, keeping my eyes out for sales and comparing. I realize this works for many people, but it really made my life more stressful. My one-stop-shop is Target. I can pick up a new outfit for myself, pick up something the kids need for school, get groceries and cleaning supplies all at the same time. (I also always love searching those dollar bins!) One-stop-shopping has made my life less stressful.

What tips do you have that make your life less stressful?

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*Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. http://m.target.com/spot/sms/coupon-alrts-terms for Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy. By texting the key word to us, you agree to receive an autodialed text message from Target at the mobile number from which you sent your request. Consent to receive messages is not a condition of purchase. 

New Hands-Free Food & Drink App #ThisisBING

Most of the recipes I want to try are found through the internet. If you find your recipes on the internet too, chances are you’ve been cooking dinner with a tablet laying on the kitchen counter. Bing’s new Food & Drink App revolutionizes how we cook using technology, which has become an important part of our daily lives and for a lot of us- in the kitchen!

The features of this app simplify even the hardest of recipes for the home cook with easy to follow instructions, videos, cooking tips from chefs, shopping lists, meal planners and the best of all: hands-free cooking. The hands-free mode helps you navigate cooking with the swipe of your hand. No more spills or food fingerprints on your tablet.

Screenshot (19)

When I’m searching for recipes, I’m looking for easy and healthy because I’m feeding three, active six year olds (and a husband)! Slow cooker recipes are my favorite. Using BING’s Food & Drink App, I can search for slow cooker recipes by course, cuisine, difficulty and major ingredients. If I only have chicken on hand I can search easy chicken slow cooker recipes to find exactly what I’m looking for. When I find a recipe I like, I can save it to my collection of favorites, add it to my meal planner and shopping list, or begin cooking with hands free mode.

Screenshot (28)

You may be a foodie, or cooking may be a chore for you, or maybe you land somewhere in the middle. Whatever cooking skills you have, download the Bing Food & Drink App to start cooking delicious recipes in the kitchen.

I love how this app is another tool to make my life as a busy mom a little easier. Meal time shouldn’t have to be a chore.

This post was created in partnership with Bing. With a type or a swipe you can search the web, the cloud, apps, and your PC or tablet, all in one place using Bing Smart Search on Windows 8.1.