Cherish Those Childhood Moments

Many times kids want to grow up too fast. I know as a kid I was always wishing for that next big milestone to come quicker. Colton has already expressed that he wants to be 16 so he can drive and sometimes groans on school days (and he’s only in Kindergarten)! With my kids coming home in a few months, this topic has been on my mind recently. How can we create lasting childhood memories for our family?

Sometimes in the hustle of every day life we forget that kids are kids. They need to run, jump, play, imagine, get dirty, explore, create and laugh. I am so guilty of some days not being in the mood to go outside and sometimes it’s those simple moments with their parents that kids remember as they grow older.

PicMonkey Collage1

Here are some photos over the past few years that show Colton enjoying those childhood memories. I’m glad that I can capture all of these so he can remember all of the fun times over the years. So here’s my challenge to you: do something fun this weekend as a family. Surprise your kids with sleeping in a fort tonight, or maybe they would love a movie night complete with popcorn and all family members sitting together to watch (and not holding iPads). What do you say?

Thanks for being the sponsor of childhood memories Gymboree (and sending me a gift card). It will no doubt help us clothe our four new additions!


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