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The Noonday fall line is here! If you haven’t heard of Noonday Collection, you will. Ambassadors are popping up in every state for this social good + fashion company and it’s going to get big! You see I have the Noonday images in my sidebar, I’ve talked about ethically made fashion and why we should be more conscious of the products we buy. I am passionate about the mission of Noonday why and here’s why I joined to become a Noonday ambassador:

By supporting Noonday and buying these beautiful handmade pieces, jobs are being created and maintained in places where jobs are so hard to come by and pay is little. When you purchase from Noonday, you are changing lives! When artisans have jobs and a steady paycheck they are able to assure food is on the table for their families, access medical care they never would have been able to receive, and drink clean water. These are things we often take for granted, but in reality, so many die from these issues.

I love, love, love the new products in the fall line. Here are a few of my faves:

La Gloria Bag

La Gloria Bag. Handmade with love in Peru. Prepare to get noticed, because this bag refuses to blend in! With festive tassels dangling from high quality woven cotton and leather, this roomy tote is truly one of a kind.

Blanco y Negro Infinity

Blanco y Negro Infinity. Handmade with Love in Peru. Stunning black and white patterns are woven together to create this show-stopping, 100% Alpaca knit. Wear it with anything for an accent piece that will lend some sophistication to any outfit.

Spun Gold Necklace

Spun Gold Necklace. Handmade with Love by refugees in the USA. You’ll never see a necklace quite like this–the Burmese women who make it hand crochet each piece with unbelievable precision and an eye for beauty.

View this beautiful video that sums up Noonday Collection. Now, more than ever, I am more conscious of the things I buy and it’s definitely because I want to support others rather than hurt them when I’m buying something.

Want to win a $75 gift card to Noonday Collection? Pin anything and everything from You could pin one necklace or the whole product line, each product you pin counts as an entry into the contest. You can also gain an extra entry by liking me on Facebook, following me on Pinterest and Instagram. Come back for each entry and leave a comment with the link. Giveaway ends September 16th. US only.


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  1. Helga says

    I followed you on pinterest as billsn beaks , I cant follow on instagram since I dont have a smartphone.

  2. Emily says

    @ Lynda Del: Hi Lynda. Remember you need to pin from my website in order to entered to win.

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