Settling In As An Orphanage House Mom

My sister left for Ghana last month and the internet hasn’t been working the whole time she’s been there. It’s been hard not to hear what’s going on- we only get glimpses of her time there from adoptive parents that visit their children and a few phone calls from her.

One exciting thing to hear is that Meagan told our brother that he has a family. He has been praying for someone to adopt him for a long time so it’s good to know his mind is at ease. Before she left I told her she had to take a video of her telling him he’s being adopted. She got it on tape, but without internet we can’t see her photos or videos. She said he is so excited and sharing his photo book with all of our photos to his friends.




I want to share some excerpts of a few posts written by Laura at LambFamilyAdopts from her time visiting the orphanage this week (And she is actually adopting our brother’s cousins!)

First, let me tell you about the new volunteer at Great Mission International (GMI).  Her name is Meagan.  She has come here from Iowa to stay for 3 months and be mom, nurse, teacher, comforter, discipliner, and jack-of-all-trades.  She is a young 20 years old but has the maturity of a wise older woman.  Back in America, she is a trained chef.   I arrived at the end of her 1st week stay in Ghana at GMI.  I expected to see a volunteer who was still learning the ropes and not quite sure of her role yet.  WOW!  I was shocked to see a woman who looks and acts as if she has been here for years.  In just a few short days, she has gained the respect of 30+ small children and around 15 older boys and girls.  When Meagan says something, they listen.  She is a patient mother to the children.  She speaks in a firm voice when needed but comforts with gentleness.  She has taken it upon herself to tutor 2 of the older children who are very behind in academics.  They are 12-13 and read on an early kindergarten level.  She works from 8am-12 pm in a tiny room which on most days has no electricity so it is stifling hot in there.  On good days when there is power, she has a ceiling fan.  I have enjoyed spending plenty hours (Ghana grammar) with her.  I take comfort in knowing she will be here for 3 months with our 2 kiddos.




I just love, love this update from Laura about our brother.

Another special thing that happened today was P, aka “Superfish” brought me a letter and two pictures to mail to his parents in the USA.  He is quite the artist.  He drew a picture of a housefly and a cockroach.  Quite interesting.  His letter was just precious.  The top had a drawing of his house he will be moving into and in the middle “me and my brother’s room”, and at the bottom a precious letter saying how much he loves them and he is so ready for them to come here for him.  He also wants them to bring his new brothers.

I love that he is excited about his three older brothers {but hey, he forgot to mention me in this letter! :) } He has been looked after by his older cousins for the past few years so I know he has a special bond with older boys who probably have been his father figure his whole life. It will be very interesting to see how my brothers react to this because I don’t think they realized how happy and excited he would be to see them in particular.




Meagan was initially going to stay at GMI for three months, but “P” told my mom in one of the short phone conversations last week that he wanted Meagan to stay with him until he could come to America.

Hearing all the excitement is kind of bittersweet for me. We decided that my husband will go pick up our children when the time comes, along with my mom and dad who will visit P. I will be staying at home getting things ready for my kids’ arrival, but I so wish to eventually spend more time in Ghana especially at GMI.

If you are interested, follow the updates from GMI and the non-profit that supports them Feeding The Orphans on Facebook.


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