One Step Closer! #Adoption


Overall our process has been pretty short thus far. It is very typical for the adoption process to take a year or longer and in some countries it can even take several years. Each part of the process completed means another checkmark on our list. Each checkmark on our list brings a little relief in knowing we are that much closer to bringing our kids home!

A few weeks ago I posted about how the wait was getting a little depressing, especially after we’ve seen families who have a similar timeline as us get approved and even on their way home. Well, we finally received I600 approval which means we are getting so close to the end!! The next major (and final step) is the Visa interview. Once that is passed we wait for J and F’s Visas to be printed!

My husband is traveling with my parents to pick them up (and visit my sister and new brother!) while I will be at home getting things ready for their arrival. The 20 hours of traveling and the jet lag that follows really took a toll on me our last two trips so it will be good to at least have one parent ready to tackle the job of raising three five year olds, especially in that first week when the kids will be shocked by their new surroundings.

Last week I posted about my sister going to Ghana and although we haven’t had too many updates from her because the internet has been spotty, she was able to give us a little glimpse into her new life as a house mom!

I made it! My first day was filled with beautiful little faces calling me mommy and giving me lots of hugs. The night was filled with banku, ground nut soup, drums and lots of dancing! So thankful for everyone for making all transitions very easy.

and here’s one she posted yesterday

Ghana has been amazing! I am learning many new cultural differences and I have become something of a nurse. I have treated boils, sty’s, pink eye, heat rash, and of course the everyday cuts and scrapes. I went to the African market which was a CRAZY experience, and got to go swimming. The children here are so sweet and have wonderful little hearts for God and I can’t wait to show you all photos of them! I am very blessed to get to spend this time here!

My family and I have been checking Facebook everyday for her updates. Hopefully the internet will be working soon so I can see and share all of her photos!

As for us it would be nice to have the kids home by Easter, but I know not to hope for a certain date. In reality the kids could be home in a month!!


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    You’re sooo close! Hang in there. I know the wait is difficult (just found out our wait will be even longer), but you have two bright lights at the end of the tunnel.

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