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For the past month I’ve been reviewing the new Windows 8 phone that everyone has been talking about. This phone is specifically designed for the social media and tech-savvy user with easier than ever access to all of your social media sites and interests in one place. The Windows phone is unlike any other phone I’ve experienced, the start screen can be customized to be uniquely yours. The start screen isn’t comprised of your average app icons, but rather live widgets allowing this small phone to almost have the functionality of a computer!

Windows 8 phone

Here are some of my favorite features of the Windows 8 Phone:

Kid’s Corner: I’m sure most parents have experienced their children either deleting something, accidentally calling someone, or even purchasing games on their phone without their knowledge. I tend to lend my phone to my son in the doctor’s office waiting room or on road trips and it almost always comes back to me with an app deleted or even random text messages sent. Parent’s will absolutely love this feature. Typically you want to password protect something to prevent someone from gaining access. With this feature you are essentially locking your children into their own little corner on your phone. When your child accesses their Kid’s corner, your phone is locked to show only the Kid’s corner screen. Your children will only have access to the apps, games, videos and music you previously download into their Kid’s corner.


Local Scout: This cool feature uses GPS to pull up the ultimate travel guide. You can view restaurants and bars nearest to your location, see their ratings and if they have any current specials. The see+do category allows me to see what’s going on {events, parks, shows} in my community or the location I’m visiting.

There has been many times this feature would have come in handy when we have been on a road trip or vacation or just in another part of town that we aren’t familiar with. Finding the nearest gas station, grocery store or restaurant is all at the push of a button.

Next month I’ll be talking about the How We Met app where you can create a story through pictures, check-ins and posts.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Microsoft Windows Phone 8. The opinions and text are all mine.


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