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Off To Ghana She Goes!

My younger sister left for Ghana today where she will be helping at the orphanage we have come to love. Not only will she be a house mother to 40+ kids, she will be able to spend time with our future brother. We heard from a previous volunteer that “P” has been praying for a family for a long time and doesn’t think God will grant his request. The older boys often see families come for the younger children, so I can only imagine how that makes them feel when no one comes for them. He doesn’t know about his adoption just yet, but Meagan is bringing his family book and will be able to tell him sometime while she’s there. We all have been eager to share this with him to ease his mind and prove YES God has been listening!


Both my Mother and I are living vicariously through Meagan (especially since my Mom hasn’t gotten to meet “P” yet) so we have threatened her that she must update us all the time! I’m sure I will share some of her experiences on the blog.


After 18+ hours of flying time she will arrive in Ghana tomorrow afternoon. A wonderful missionary family The Beebes¬†will be picking her up. I can imagine her now walking into the gates of GMI and the little kids running up to her “Mommy, Mommy!” like they did to us when we visited. She will absolutely love it there and we might have some trouble making her come home!


Still the waiting game on our adoption front. Every day I’m thinking there could be an I600 approval email in my inbox but it never comes. Hopefully it will come next week! Send some prayers our way!



  1. wow, what an amazing experience.i am stopping by since i missed last weeks FNL

  2. How wonderful that she’s going to get to spend so much time with “P”! What an amazing experience she’ll have. My daughter went to India a couple of years ago and was a missionary at an orphanage for almost a month and she loved it! I know God has put it on her heart to be involved like that with a career! Can’t wait to hear how the adoption goes!

  3. @Trisha It’s kind of crazy how it’s been a waterfall effect. It was definitely God’s plan for us to take the leap to adopt. There are so many other things going on now that all of our family would have never done!

  4. You have an amazing family! I hope she has a wonderful experience.

  5. That is so awesome of her! I wish I would have taken the time to travel outside of the US when I was younger.

  6. Your sister is doing such a wonderful thing, as are you and your hubby.
    Praying for your whole family. Wishing her safe travels.

  7. Aw how sweet she is to be a house mom. I hope you wll post updates!!

  8. What an awesome experience.

  9. how exciting!! And you are both beautiful!

  10. What a wonderful thing she is doing! It sounds like you come from a really great family, that both of you do so much good!

  11. I’ll be praying your family – hopefully you’ll get that notification soon and your sister will have a blessed trip!

  12. Prayers for your sister! I hope you can share some of her stories. I saw your send off picture on Facebook the other day. It is a great picture!

  13. Oh please, post updates!

  14. It’s so exciting hearing all this and I hope that your little ones are home soon!

  15. I’m speechless! This is an awesome thing your sister is doing!

  16. Its been really neat seeing how your decision to adopt has changed so many lives and inspired those around you!


  17. I love that she is doing that. So amazing of her!

  18. Praying your adoptions go through very soon! I visited your other post showing the bunk beds. How creative! They will love that room when they finally come home. How exciting for your sister to be able to go. I know the children will be blessed from her ministry just as she be too!

  19. @ Andrea: Thanks Andrea! I will definitely share updates! I’m already im-patiently waiting for them :)

  20. You have a beautiful and kind family Emily. What a blessing that your sister is able to be a house mom to those children. She will be in their hearts forever. I hope you’ll post updates on her from time to time. I’m excited for her! What an experience!

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