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Last week I shared the new Windows 8 phone I have been reviewing and how I have personalized my start screen. There is an endless possibility of combinations to make your own start screen uniquely yours. The Windows 8 phone is perfect for the all of the technology-savvy users who want to be connected at all times.

I mentioned one of my favorite features is the Kid’s Corner and my son would agree. He gets to play with my phone without constant supervision. With a password protected area just for him, I can rest assured that he’s not getting into things he shouldn’t be.

Windows 8 phone

The How We Met app is a fun feature that creates a story between you and a friend based on all of your social media postings from photos, check-ins and other information. I decided to give it a try with someone I’ve known for years- Chelsea. Chelsea and I met for the first time in Kindergarten and have been friends ever since! The timeline created by the How We Met App brings our notable social media postings together in one place to create a story.


Not only does the app feature social media postings that we were together for: photos and check-ins, but it reminds of us when we lived in different towns and kept in touch only a bit, to when we both moved back to our hometown and our interaction on social media increased.


This is a fun app that helps you re-live memories and put an actual timeline to your history as friends. Go check out the How We Met app and create a story with a friend!

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As you can see, the How We Met  app helps you relive memories and captures them in a beautifully designed keepsake that you can value forever. 

With Valentine’s Day approaching try the How We Met app and rekindle those lost connections. 

For a chance to win a Windows Phone 8, please click here to take a quick survey!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Microsoft Windows Phone 8. The opinions and text are all mine.


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