An Adoption Update: The Waiting Game

I haven’t updated in awhile about our adoption, so I thought I would share. The last trip when I went with my dad, where we visited the orphanage and started building the school in Hondzo was when I also filed some important paperwork at the US Embassy (aka the I600). The I600 is an application for adoption of specific children. It includes all the necessary paperwork (birth certificates, social welfare investigations, death certificates, etc) that will confirm our children are indeed adoptable.

It’s been 85 days, counting the Christmas and New Year holidays since I filed the paperwork and meanwhile we’ve seen other kids that were close to our timeline already come home.

Much of the adoption process is a waiting game and I assume that this waiting period so close to the finish line is God’s way of telling me I need to prepare my house (and my mind) for two additional five year olds. I can only imagine the added stress in those first few months with everyone adjusting and it would be better for everyone if I’m prepared.

Triple Bunk Bed with Storage

I’ve got one room almost organized- the kid’s room- the only thing I still need to do is organize their closet and drawers. When we knew that we were going to adopt two children, space was an issue in our tiny house. TJ, my handyman husband, came home with his own plans to build a triple bunk bed complete with book shelves and storage underneath.

Triple Bunk Bed with Storage and Bookshelves

The triple bunk bed works better than I imagined for this small bedroom. The clever bookshelves and storage maximize the small space that we do have.


My aunt gifted us these beautiful prints that represent each of our children. They go perfectly in the room! Here is the artist’s etsy shop.

Hopefully we will receive approval within the next few weeks and if everything runs smoothly after that our children may be home in a month or a month and a half. For now, I’ll get to organizing!!


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  1. natalie says

    Hi i love the bunks ive searched for something to work for our three boys now that we have a daughter about to come on the scene but didnt find anything i loved until now. We r not handy but would love to replicate ur husbands work would he share the plans?

  2. Brittany says

    Great bunkbeds. Do you have the plans? I am needing to make a triple bunk bed for my boys to make room for our new baby. Just love how you made them.

  3. says

    @ Agnes: Thanks Agnes! We will be eating a lot of fried rice over here. I don’t know if I can make any of the other dishes yet!!

  4. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE! The bunk beds! :) they turned out absolutely beautiful! I love how you are opening your home to these sweet spirits. Both of my parents are from Ghnana. I was born in the U.S. but I love the food and that’s all I ate growing up. Reading your blog today made me smile :)
    Oh, I’ve made your crock pot chicken my family LOVED it! :)

  5. says

    New blog follower here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bunkbeds. It’s a creative use of a small space, and how cool looking for the kids!

    Good luck on your adoption journey. Hope you get some exciting news soon!

  6. Barb says

    I love the bunk beds and the drawers under are impressive as well! Hopefully you get the I600 approval soon so you can bring them home!!!

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