480 Families Needed Now! Urgent!

Awhile back I posted about our trip to an orphanage in Accra. I happened to come across this particular orphanage and the pastor who runs it through a network of adoptive families. Hearing so many good things about this loving Pastor and all the work he was trying to do, I knew that my Father and I needed to pay a visit on our scheduled trip to file paperwork for my adoption.

This young pastor, barely in his 30’s has devoted his life to the fatherless. Him and his young family house 40+ orphaned children, some of those who are now too old to be adopted, but would otherwise have nowhere else to go. Him, his wife and three young children live at this orphanage and this young couple take on the role of parent, teacher, friend, nurse and so much more.


Not only does he share his love with these children, he also runs an orphanage in the neighboring country Togo, which he visits often. Whenever Pastor John sees a need, he tries to help. That’s how the school we helped build in Hondzo came about {I wrote about it here.} John is from that area in Eastern part of Ghana and he wanted to give back to a village that had no school.


Even though GMI is a modest place: no air conditioning, unpredictable power and bunk beds lining each room. This is a place 40+ kids call home. And it’s a loving home and orphanage {those are hard to come by}. Running an orphanage that houses, feeds and clothes 40+ kids every day requires a lot of money and unfortunately the rent was raised by the landlord and he is demanding the next two years upfront!

“$24,000 for two years’ rent seems like such a huge amount,” Kristie O’Leary of a small family-run non-profit that supports GMI said, “but not for our God!! Help us and all the children of GMI….please pray about how you can make an impact for them. This is their house, their HOME, and they need YOU!! Pray, give, share!! Nothing is too small! Click the Feeding the Orphans link below to make a donation, click AS NEEDED and type GMI RENT in the memo section!! THANK YOU FOR BEING A BLESSING!!!”


My family and I have been so impressed with John and his loving and faithful heart. My younger sister is traveling to GMI at the end of February and will be staying for 3 months to help. Not only will she get to experience this large, loving home, she will get to meet and spend time with our future 11 year old brother, who my parents are in the process of adopting.

I encourage you to help Pastor John continue to do his work of helping the fatherless over these next two years. We need 480 families to donate only $50. Your donation will ensure these 40+ orphans will continue to be taken care of and not kicked out of their home with no place to go. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Please write “GMI Rent” in the memo box. 100% of your donation will go directly to this cause.

Understandably money is tight for many these days. Please share your love and compassion with these kids by sacrificing a dinner out or rent for movie night instead of going to the theater. If you cannot donate at this time, please please please share this post on Facebook, Twitter or re-post on your own blogs. Don’t think sharing isn’t enough! With the big wide web we could reach our goal in days!!



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  1. says

    Praying more people will be able to contribute. It would be heartbreaking if they have to leave. I will give what I can to help. GOD BLESS them all and Pastor John is amazing!

  2. Emily says

    Maria. What country do you live in? Adoption is an emotional process! If you have any desire to adopt I would suggest google searching for adoption agencies near you and read up on their reviews. Please let me know if you have anymore questions!

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