Brothers… Waiting For a Family

As I sit here and think about my little ones (who I will be meeting for the first time in less than two weeks!), I am constantly reminded about how many older children are waiting for families all around the world. Some may consider the adoption of our five and four year old an “older child adoption,” but it wasn’t until I was actually in the adoption process that I kept hearing these stories of how many older children and teens are waiting, praying and hoping for their forever families.

Our little ones are still young enough I would expect them to not really know what is going on throughout this process….. that they will soon be a part of our family and we will love them unconditionally and provide them with their basic needs and more.

There are children old enough to know that time is running out for them. They are begging for a family, praying for a family. They see Moms and Dads come to pick up their younger children, but no one has ever come for them.

I have posted stories on my blog about older children who found families through word-of-mouth, just like this blog post. Remember Christian and Joson?

So today I come to you with the story of Oleman and Askia, brothers waiting for their forever family. This blog post below was written by a fellow adoptive Mom, Laura. She and I urge you to share these brothers’ story with your family and friends or on your blog.


I was introduced to the 2 brothers through a network of families who are or have adopted from Ghana. I can’t get these boys out of my mind or off of my heart.  Let me take a minute to share with you why these brothers are up against some unimaginable odds:

  • Older kids are not at the top of the list when people are filling out profiles for what “type” of child they would adopt.  If these were 2 and 3 year old siblings, you would not be seeing this post b/c they would not be “waiting children”.
  • Between 1999-2011, 582 adoptions were completed in Ghana, less than 17% of them were kids between the ages of 13-17.
  • There are 2 of them- brothers
  • They are not represented by an adoption agency.  This might come as a suprise to some of you (that they are not with an agency).  Just because you are an orphan and living in an orphanage does not mean that you have an adoption agency representing you to assist in finding a family for you.  Indpendent adoption DOES happen successfully in many places, Ghana being one of them.  If you are a child that is represented by an agency, you have that agency with profiles of families looking for a child(ren) to adopt.  These boys have you and me.

Those of us in the Ghana adoption community are working to spread the information about these boys and hopefully their information will spread right into the hearts of their forever family.  Please read this information from Carrie and think about how you can help spread this message (e.g. church, adoption ministries at your churc, personal blog, etc.).  Her contact information is below should you or your organization want to know more.  She knows these boys personally.

Oleman is around 13 or 14. He is quiet and respectful. He loves gadgets and ‘football’. He has lived at the orphanage most of his life. He fully understands adoption, and has begged me to send someone for him. (I still speak to him every 2 months. He never gives up hope, despite his age. :) 

Askia is around 11. He has a huge smile, and even bigger heart! I’m pretty sure everyone who meets him falls in love. Even though was brought to the orphanage as a baby, he has the brightest outlook on life. (He was brought to the orphanage earlier than his older brother.) He is a truly happy child, and is quite affectionate. If he had a mother, he would totally be a momma’s boy!

The boys already have a completed Social Welfare report. Their orphanage doesn’t work with an agency, so this would have to be an independent adoption. (I have done independent through this orphanage. It is legit.) If anyone wants more pictures, videos, or family/background info- I will be glad to share. Email:


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  1. Juan says

    Thanks for sharing. Prayers for these boys and others in their situation. We can all find a way to help in some way.

  2. says

    Really pulls at your heart! I can only pray for them that someones heart will be touched who can take the boys as their own. GOd BLEss them!

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