Horizon Community Leader and Site-wide Chat Tonight!

For the Month of January I am a Community Leader over at Horizon Healthy Families’ Blog Frog community with several other bloggers. We chat with almost 4,000 registered forum members about everything Mom: kids, coupons, healthy living, “me time”, Organics, Parenting, and everything else in between.

We are not nutritionists…

We are not “health nuts”…

We are just regular Moms who want to see our family healthy and happy.

So join in the conversation at our Community Live Chat tonight at 9pm Eastern where we will be discussing tips on keeping your kids active and healthy, while also making sure to schedule time for yourself as parents during 2012 (and there will be prizes!) We will be chatting at this link at 9pm Eastern and you will be able to see the discussion in real time.

Check out these popular conversations from my community

How to Know Whether to Keep Your Child Home from School
My husband called our oldest daughter (she’s 18) out of school
the other day.  No, she wasn’t sick or anything.  I
Aaaaaand, this is where some folks would be all, like, wait a
minute, you had your kid stay home from school on purpose?!?
Yes, it’s good to be the only other licens… read more…

Marinade Ideas/Recipes?
We are doing a lot of chicken on the grill lately and i only
have a couple of marinade ideas. 
Does anyone have any good ideas for different things to use to
marinate the chicken in and/or recipes for homemade

read more…

How Do You Get Your “Me Time” in With Limited…. Time?
As Moms we often hear the words “me time.” For many of us it’s
hard to escape for a bit and we try to catch that me time
whenever we can. Sometimes it’s not even time away from the kids,
but savoring something that makes us happy.
(That morning cup of coffee…. anyone?)
I’ve heard of Moms stay… read more…

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