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Homemade Valentine’s Day Mints

I had a vision of mints the other day.

Cute, mini, glittery, heart mints for Valentine’s Day.

They are soo much better than those conversation hearts.

First you need a teeny tiny heart cookie cutter (I used this mini heart fondant cutter) or you could use a mini heart mold. I believe using a mold is the typical way to make mints.. but I didn’t have one so I improvised. This way works just fine!


For these hearts you can use a basic mint or cream cheese mint recipe. You first mix 2 Tbs softened butter, 1 Tbs Crisco, 1-2 tsp Peppermint Extract and 1/2 pound of powdered sugar. It should be clumpy. Add 1 Tbs hot water at a time (usually around 2-3 Tbs hot water total) until the mixture can easily be rolled into a ball without being too sticky.

If you want to make different colored or flavored mints, separate your mixture and add your desired food coloring or flavor.

Roll each color into a ball and place on a cutting board with powdered sugar. Roll out each ball flat until it reaches about 1/4 inch.

You want to wait about 10-15 minutes before you cut out your hearts or they will be too soft to handle.

Make sure you dip your cookie cutter in powdered sugar.

The trick to not get the hearts stuck in the cookie cutter is to press down quick and hard. If the mint gets stuck in the cutter, either wait a few minutes longer before continuing or just tap the cookie cutter on the cutting board until your mint comes out.


These are chocolate mints. I added a bit of cocoa powder to the mixture.


You want to then wait another 10-15 minutes after you’ve cut out your hearts. This makes it super easy to remove the surrounding dough and your hearts will come right out. If you want to add Edible Glitter now’s the time. Then place your mints on a cookie sheet and leave out for a few hours.

Then share with your friends and family! Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. We are going to make these for my daughter’s wedding reception…thank you so much for such a wonderful idea!!

  2. Happy Valentines day Emily!
    Just to let you know I’ve linked this recipe into my latest post of my 13 favourite Valentines recipes and bloggers :) because they look SCRUMMY!
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  3. Help! My mint “batter” wont turn into a ball

  4. I’m so going to try this!

  5. Melissa P says:

    Made these this morning with my 4 yr old. He and i had fun kneading in different colors. They kept getting stuck in the little cutter so I had use a blunt toothpick to gently push them out. Oh my these are yummy! My son loved eating the scraps! Thanks for posting. I posted a pic on Facebook and now everyone wanted your recipe! I sent them back here! Love this!

  6. Hi – Just seeing these from Pinterest. I am confused as to the reference to the basic mint recipes (cream cheese in link) and then I need to add butter, crisco, more peppermint, and sugar? Or is it an either/or? Thanks!

  7. This conjures up all kinds of ideas. I think I will make heart shaped croutons for our tomato soup.

  8. what font did you use for”Valentine mints” :)??

  9. @ Shannon: This is just a basic mint recipe. Follow the link in the post to a cream cheese mint recipe.

  10. Where does the cream cheese come in?

  11. ohh this looks so much fun!!

  12. These are so cute!

  13. These look yummy!

  14. Oh, how cute and fun! My kids would love this. Thanks!

  15. These look so yummy!

  16. Having a birthday party, definetly making these! So easy

  17. Mmmm…they look so yummy!

  18. Wow, these are beautiful! And your photos are gorgeous too!

  19. What an adorable idea! I love adding in the edible glitter too.

  20. From one Iowa mommy to another – hello! Just found your blog. I’ve also been blogging since 2009 and can’t believe I haven’t come across yours yet.

    Love mints – these are adorable!

  21. My granddaughter and I am having a mother/daughter tea next month. I think these wil be on the table. Thanks!

  22. oooh, it has been so long since I have had a cream cheese mint… I need to make some! these are beautiful!

  23. This is such a fantastic idea, and they are SO cute!!

  24. these look so special! can’t wait to try them!

  25. brilliant idea! would definitely try this!

  26. These are so cute – what a lovely Valentine’s idea!

  27. so beautiful! thank you!

  28. They are fabulous!

  29. @ Kristen: Thank you!

  30. They are beautiful!

  31. These look so yummy!


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