Can You Have A Phone Conversation Without Multitasking?

This is my 13 year old brother Josh with my sister and me. If you saw him you wouldn’t think he is 13 because of his 6’3″ stature and huge feet, so I like to call him my (little) big brother. He was very interested in the Motorola Xoom and new Droid Bionic, naturally, like any other electronic-obsessed teenage boy, so over the next few months he will be giving his take on the Droid Bionic. Here’s his first review of the NFL Mobile App. As part of the #midwestmoms Verizon group, he will get to keep the Droid Bionic.


As part of this month’s review we had to complete a challenge. The challenge was to take 15-20 minutes and talk to a friend the good old fashioned way, through a telephone conversation, and see if we could stay on task while talking with them instead of emailing, posting, tweeting, liking, poking, polling, reviewing, sharing, vlogging, commenting, voting, texting, pinning, messaging, or anything else we can do on our phones now (which is almost anything).

When I was talking to my friend TJ, during the first five minutes of our conversation he unfortunately asked me how to get to a certain website, so the challenge was forfeited and I quickly looked it up with the Droid’s 4g speed. When a typical conversation with friends slows down I find myself playing some of the apps on my phone or searching the internet for something they are talking about. This day in age when you can find out everything over the internet on phones as fast and easy as the Droid, it gets tempting not to use when you need it.

Another cool talk feature is Google talk. Google talk is an application to talk face-to-face using the front camera or if you want to show someone what you are seeing you can switch the camera around to the back camera. My sister just moved to California and was showing us around her school using this feature. It’s pretty cool and allows you to see the person face-to-face rather than hiding behind text messages.

So the question is, will you take the challenge? Can you catch up with a friend for 15-20 minutes in a phone conversation without multitasking, emailing, posting, tweeting, liking, poking, polling, reviewing, sharing, vlogging, commenting, voting, texting, pinning, or messaging?


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    I fail at this…I just can’t have a 20 minute conversation without being distracted. I can’t imagine a guy wanting to chat that much :) but maybe your brother will do better than I can.

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