The Droid Bionic and NFL Mobile App Is A Must For Football Lovers

This is my 13 year old brother Josh with my sister and me. If you saw him you wouldn’t think he is 13 because of his 6’3″ stature and huge feet, so I like to call him my (little) big brother. He was very interested in the Motorola Xoom and new Droid Bionic, naturally, like any other electronic-obsessed teenage boy, so over the next few months giving his take on the Droid Bionic


The Droid Bionic is a new 4G android powered smart phone by Motorola. With lightning fast capabilities, I can surf the web, stream movies, and have several apps running at the same time- it’s like a mini computer with me at all times! I go through phones fast, like many others my age, I have a tendency to drop, chip, or crack my phone somehow. The durability of the droid is seemingly different than the phones I’ve had before. Tests have showed that if you drop the Droid Bionic from pocket height it takes the landing very well with few scratches and little overall damage compared to competitors.

I’ve been testing out the Droid Bionic the past month and like I said, one of the phone’s best features is the amazing speed, but one of its other capabilities that I especially liked was the NFL mobile app.

This app has quite a few cool features, one being the capability to watch NFL games on the go. When there wasn’t a game streaming, it would always have a football related show like Sportscenter. There was however a few things I think could be improved upon. The first is that there was only one game option streaming, rather then the ability to choose between different games or shows. Lastly, even though the Droid Bionic has a large HD screen, the game still came out a little blurry. But overall this app very useful for NFL and football enthusiasts.

One of the other favorite features is that you can check the scores to any game and listen to any game on the radio. It also shows you what team is predicted to win and what tv station it is on.

Other features of this app that many of you fans will like is that you are able to check your fantasy team, read league news, watch videos of your favorite team, game highlights and short espn clips. You can also sign up for team updates and alerts that are sent to your phone daily.

Be sure to download the NFL mobile app by Verizon Wireless today!

As part of the Verizon #midwestmoms program the Droid Bionic was given to me to test out and keep.


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    Sounds like a great app! I will have to download it so my husband can use it! The streaming on the go sounds amazing!

    Great review!

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