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Make Your Own Fall Wreath

I have been looking all around for fall decorations that are not too corny and not too expensive. Because of my latest obsession with Pinterest, I came across an idea to make your own fall wreath from Miss Lovie who was inspired by teach.craft.love. So if you haven’t seen it on either of those two places, then here ya go:

Go to your local craft store and pick up a few supplies. All you need is a twig wreath, flowers, fall picks- or any decoration you prefer, and Floral Wire.

First, I situated the fall picks the places that I wanted them and then fastened them with floral wire to the wreath. I wanted a finished wreath that was simple with a touch of fall color and not to gaudy. I was worried how I was going to attach it to the door because I didn’t want the over-the-door wreath hanger. I found this Magnetic Wreath Hanger which I love, it just sticks right to the door.

I’m never going to buy another wreath again. Making them is much easier and less expensive! Hmm… what should my Christmas wreath look like?

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  1. Oh that’s pretty! That looks like something I could manage too LOL

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