Construction Party Dessert Table (Desserts & Designs: Des Moines Dessert Tables)

Gettin’ dirty, helping Dad work, and playing with trucks – just a few things Colton finds joy in at his age. When planning his 4th birthday party, there was no doubt about it, construction theme it had to be. Colton even went in to detail about the specific machinery he wanted on his cake. Oh brother.

Good thing I found Christine from Desserts&Designs, who runs a local party planning and Des Moines dessert table business. I bounced some design ideas off of her and she came back with bigger and better ideas, not to mention some delicious desserts for kids and parents alike.



I’ve tried making cake pops before, but there is a certain art to it. These triangle construction sign cake pops were perfect for the occasion, not to mention the quickest disappearing dessert on the table. Want to try your hand at cake pops? Here are all of the cake pop supplies you need.



These paper cones are filled with caramel corn and are sitting nicely on lollipop sticks to prevent from toppling over. The trick? Cut Styrofoam to fit in the cement block, push the lollipop sticks in and surround it with faux dirt.



A dump truck filled to the brim with macarons is a fun touch.





Construction cones and balloons pave the way to the party fun!



Not to mention the coolest construction cake based off of one of Colton’s favorite books Digger Man




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  1. Emily says

    This is SUCH an adorable party. I love it. Your site is great. I’m a new reader!

    Thank you! Hope you come back :) I need to have a baby girl so I can make some of your bows and bow organizer!

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