Unique Ideas and Recipes for Kid’s Lunch Boxes

It’s Back To School time once again. Are you going to send the same old sandwich in your child’s lunch box? You can make sure your child’s lunch is both healthy and something they enjoy eating.  Here are a few unique ideas and recipes for kid’s lunch boxes.

Weelicious: Fresh is best, a motto you should think about when packing your child’s lunch. The fabulous and beautiful Catherine from Weelicious has thousands of recipes made just for your little ones (but you might find yourself addicted to the carrot snack sticks)! With a daily photo of what lunch combination she sends her son to school with, you can certainly get some ideas on how to reinvent your child’s typical, boring, and maybe not-so-healthy lunchbox.

Revolution Foods: has started a revolution. What kind of revolution you ask? A lunchbox revolution. They are starting to invade your children’s lunch boxes with healthy snacks disguised as “cool” food, food other children will be ready to trade their beloved candy bars and junk food for. With items like Organic Mashups, squeezable fruit that comes in kid-friendly flavors like grape, berry and tropical or Strawberry and Peanut Butter Jammy Sammys, a snack size twist on a lunch favorite.

Kid’s Lunch Box Cards: We all remember those cute little “I love you,” notes from mom tucked in our lunch boxes, except as a kid you probably tried to embarrassingly hide them from your friends. You can show your child you love them without the embarrassing love notes, instead pack these cards that contain jokes, riddles, wacky facts and scratch off answers. Your child won’t want to hide these- they will become lunchtime entertainment!

GoPicnic Meals: These ready-to-eat lunches are something I would like to eat for lunch every day. No need for ice packs or cooler lunch boxes, these meals require no refrigeration or microwaving and even meet school nutrition standards. SafariMunch,  is a meal that consists of organic chips and salsa, sunflower seed crunch, natural strawberry applesauce, zesty snack mix, and snicker doodle cookies. Your child will come home and thank you for this meal!

Feel free to add other lunch box ideas!


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  1. says

    How cool! I’m going to check some of these links out-it would be nice to send my kiddos to school with “cool” lunches because I am definitely not the best when it comes to being creative with lunches!!

  2. says

    BENTO!! FTW!!! i saw a hello kitty bento box at teh learning store and i HAD to have it but teh hubby said no and dragged me away :(

  3. says

    I just gave a bento box suggestion to Tenille too. I Don’t have kids in school yet, but I’m looking forward to making them fun lunches!

  4. says

    My little one starts preschool next week, and I am in charge of soem class snack days soon… those Revolution Foods look like yummy, healthy snacks for the class. Thanks

  5. says

    Those note cards are a cute idea… once my son can read :) I know I won’t be looking forward to it as much as I do now, but I can’t wait until he goes to all day school and I can make him fun lunches to take with

  6. says

    I am trying to do bento style lunches for my boys, most of the time. They are great, fresh is important and you get to be creative!

  7. says

    I love this! I was appalled at how unhealthy my son’s school lunches were. These he’d eat – the school lunches – not so much!

  8. says

    Oooh thanks for the tips. Bookmarking this! My son starts preschool again next week. I do LOVE the Strawberry and Peanut Butter Jammy Sammys. We sent those last year.

  9. says

    Great ideas! My kids always complain that their lunches are so boring, maybe I can use some of these ideas to make theirs more exciting!

  10. says

    My kids haven’t started school yet, but I remember the awesome lunches my mom made for me when I was going to school. I was a Daddy’s girl and whenever there was a note from him, it totally made my day. I want to do stuff like this when the girls get older! Thanks for the ideas!

  11. says

    Those are great ideas. My kids are too young for school lunches yet, but we still like to have fun at lunchtime around here, so I’m going to incorporate a few ideas – especially the ones from Weelicious.

  12. says

    Definitely going to check out that weelicious site! And those photos she posts are awesome – I’m such a visual person so stuff like that is so helpful!

  13. says

    I LOVE those little lunch box cards. With one going into Middle School this year I am sure it wont be “cool” to have my normal little hand scribbled note, LOL These are perfect and will keep us both happy!

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    I stumbled across this website quite by accident. WOW! Love the bright colours and nifty web design. The advice given above is definitely unique and creative nothing I have seen before. The readers might also enjoy a few of the creative,inspirational and healthy lunchbox ideas featured a http://thehealthylunchbox.blogspot.com . Keep up the novel posts they atruly are an inspiration to read. I will definitely check back often.

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