Do-It-Yourself Candy and Dessert Table

I’m no Amy Atlas, but I wanted to create a simple, low-budget dessert table for my sister’s high school graduation. With a combination of bulk candy, homemade treats, and specialty desserts, I created a dessert table that anyone could recreate. This dessert table was positioned in the four season porch on a beautiful day, so I didn’t want to hang a background to block the sunlight and view of the trees. You could add decorations like flowers, banners or balloons to make it more festive.

I love the look of similar colored candy in clear jars and vases. Start searching the Internet for bulk candy in your preferred colors. A few websites you can start are: Candy Direct, Candy Warehouse, and Bulk Candy Store. We purchased M&Ms, gummi bears, lemon balls, sixlets, bananans, gumballs and a few others. We only had to purchase a few glass jars, the rest we had around the house. Target surprisingly has a great selection at a low cost.

Fleurir chocolates sent me a box of their handmade chocolates that not only taste great, but look great too. With flavors like Sesame Hazelnut, Pink Peppercorn and Carrot Cake, these chocolates are sure to be a conversation starter. I recommend a combination of candy, chocolates and desserts for your dessert table, depending on the occasion.

Place your largest item in the middle. A tiered cake or cupcake platter would work well here. If you aren’t planning on having either of those, to create height, place sturdy boxes under your tablecloth or use pedestals. Use a variety of different shaped vases and jars, you don’t want everything to look uniform.

In addition to the homemade cookies and brownies, a few specialty desserts makes things more exciting. I adore Better Bit of Butter cookies, which are some of the most delicious cookies I’ve ever tasted. I sent some awhile back to my husband’s aunt when she had a baby and her kid’s loved them. Christine sent over some “mini BB’s” which are perfect for parties.

See those Zebra and Damask decorated cookies? Those are actually chocolate covered ores from Sweeties by Kim on Etsy. These are perfect for kid’s parties, because almost all kids love Oreos, right? But these are extra special Oreos and they are absolutely gorgeous. Kim is a sweetie too!

If you are thinking about creating a dessert table for your next party of event, I would recommend browsing through Amy Atlas’ creations. The one I made was very simple, with more of a color scheme than an actual theme, but you can be as creative as you want to be.  Check out this Woodland themed table or this Circus creation. The sky is the limit in making a beautiful dessert table!


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  1. Emily says

    I think we did buy 5 lbs just to be safe. But we did have quite a bit of candy leftover!

  2. says

    I hope you see this – did you just buy the 5 lb bags for eacxh of the candies? The presentation is gorgeous – but I’d hate to run out of the candies halfway up a jar – yet I think of a “5 lb bucket” and that seems HUGE.

    Just looking for how much of each candy to buy.


  3. Margo says

    Your table is gorgeous, it has given me some ideas. Could use some help in preparing more gorgeous tables, so I can serve our homeless program at my church better. I am responsible for setting up our dessert table(buffet style), additionally ,I teach others including children, who volunteer how to be creative in preparing such a table with no money and very little knowledge. It always seems to turn out nicely though.

  4. Geoff K says

    Really lovely table – and perfect colors for a spring/summer celebration. I wonder if anyone has any tips for recreating these beautiful cookies and candies in the kitchen? I’m guessing that mini cheesecakes and fudge would work well, especially with some creative toppers and decorating. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    Looks amazing. Our friends had a blue/brown wedding with a full candy bar – it was the first time I had seen anything like that and it was GORGEOUS! Such a great idea.

  6. says

    Whoa, you put that together? That is amazing! You totally have it all down from colors to placement. Way to go!

  7. says

    Hi Emily! Just hopping over from the Mommy-Files! I really enjoyed wandering around your blog, and I just love your desert table presentation! The color of the candies in those jars just make it! Thanks for visiting my blog too!

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