Unique Ideas for Graduation Parties


With all of the recent graduation parties, my mother and I have been talking quite a bit about them… our likes, dislikes, etc., especially because my younger sister will be graduating next year (then 3 younger brothers to follow).  In Iowa, high school graduations are huge… the invitations, food, decorations, and many guests in an “open house,” type setting.  Why is it that high school graduation parties are a big deal?  You don’t get invited to nearly as many college graduations, even though that seems like a bigger accomplishment. 

I loved my graduation party.  My mom and I found beautiful flower bouquets at ALDI for $3.99 (crazy, right?)  My uncle, who works at an upscale restaurant and owns his own catering company, catered.  We had a great selection of appetizers, yummy cake and chocolate covered strawberries, yum!  I had a graduation DVD playing, like most people do and only invited family and friends. 

My mother and I love planning parties and decorating.  (She planned my wedding and it was beautiful…. but not expensive)  So we have been chatting about what we are going to do for my sister’s graduation party.  It seems like every graduation party is the same.  People come, sign a guest book, drop a card in the box, say high to the graduate, eat food, and watch a DVD.  So we were thinking of unique ideas for graduation parties:

  • Cookie Invitations (You can find these at Edible Gifts Plus)
  • Late night bonfire
  • Dessert Bar
  • Cupcakes Gourmet Tower…. (if you haven’t seen these, check them out!)
  • Bounce House in the backyard
  • a local band
  • A Velcro Wall
  • Dunk Tank
  • Have Dairy Queen come and make blizzards to order.
  • Have a Smoothie Company come and make smoothies to order.
  • Personalized Jones Soda with graduates photo (we actually have a giveaway going on right now for a 12 pack)
  • Cotton Candy or Snow Cone machine

What are graduation parties like in your town?  What was yours like?  If you have any other unique ideas for graduation parties, feel free to leave a comment!


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  1. Nancy says

    I loved your ideas… I love planning parties of all types and you had some original ideas like the DQ coming to make blizzards! Very cute and different. I am starting late on my daughter’s graduation party and now it seems all the dates are taken for a day or night. We have decided to do a SEND OFF party at the end of the summer. I am going to do a “Survivor Island” theme. Guests will pull a bandana out of a bucket and will be placed on that colored team upon arrival. They will be given supplies to build their shelter; have some of the challenges to do as a team; someone will win the coveted Idol. DJ to play music from show as well has kids’ favorites; fire ring; dunking booth; tiki torches and more. Tapas food, Blizzards? or floats made with Dublin Bottle Works sodas… lots of fun!

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