How To Make Your Easter Eggs Last Longer

After you and your children spend so much time coloring easter eggs, what happens?  They go rotten.  Some of you may throw them away, or crack the shell and eat them.  You can make your easter eggs last longer by taking out the egg white and yoke.  Keep them as a spring decoration for weeks!  It is a simply craft and tons of fun!  Here’s a little step by step instruction for you…


You will need…

  • Eggs
  • Bowls
  • Push pins, needles, or any other small sharp object
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • A Spray Finish of some sort


Lets get started.  This step is not for younger children because it requires the use of a needle.  Hold the egg over a bowl.  Poke a small home in the top and bottom of the egg.  Be careful not to squeeze too hard!  You will want to gradually make the hole a little bigger.  Stick the needle in the egg and try to break the yolk.  This will make it come out easier.


Blow…..hard.  But not too hard, because your egg could burst.  I must admit, this is quite funny when this unexpectedly happens to someone.  Oh well, get a new one!  If the egg isn’t coming out… try making the holes a tad bigger or shake the egg to loosen up the insides.


My cousin is deep in thought while painting her egg.


And voila!  You’ve created a masterpiece!  You can spray with a spray overcoat to keep the paint from chipping.  Once you have all of your eggs painted, let them dry then create a pretty centerpiece by placing them in a simple glass vase!


They look good on real grass!

If you try this, send us pics… we would love to show your eggs off!


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    This is brilliant, we always used to do this as kids. My mum would then carefully wrap the eggs up in tissue paper and store them away in the dry and reuse them the following year. It’s quite nice as a young adult seeing the eggs you painted as children!
    Duck eggs and goose eggs, if you can get hold of them, have a thicker shell so are less fragile!

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