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Tips For Making Healthy Food Choices as an On-The-Go Mom.

As moms we all strive to be the best we can for our families.

I try to make healthy, environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious choices and lead by example for my kids. It’s not always easy to make these choices when you are busy because convenience is important.

Here are tips for making healthy (for you, your family, others and the world!) food choices as an on-the-go mom:

Have lunches and snacks ready. During the week I am running here and there doing different errands often times in the middle of the day. In the evening, when the kids are home, many nights we have baseball and softball games times during dinner time. It’s so easy to prepare a few lunch box meals to keep in the fridge, that way if you are running out the door for an errand or a baseball game, you can grab a meal instead of going through the drive-thru. Pack foods that travel well: whole fruits, sandwiches and snack-sized bags like Nourish Snacks.

Keep ready-to-go lunches in the fridge so you always have something healthy waiting for you!

Keep snacks in the car. I just started keeping a basket in the car for healthy snacks. Nourish Snacks travel well, have no GMO’s, no artificial anything, gluten free, dairy free, less than 200 calories and packed with nutrients like protein, fiber and antioxidants.

Nourish Snacks in coconilla crunch, pb jammin' and honey be good.

Go reusable when you can. I used to buy plastic water bottles and we could go through a case a week. Did you know U.S. landfills are overflowing with 2 million tons of discarded water bottles alone? (Source: idswater.org) It’s so easy to re-fill your own water bottle and you will probably end up drinking more over the course of the day!

Check out the adorable reusable sandwich wrap in my son’s lunch box below. You can purchase these reusable snack bags online which eliminate a ton of waste.

Kids lunch with reusable sandwich bag and water bottle.

Support fair trade and social good companies. It is important to buy products that are fairly made. I’ve compiled a list of 150+ social good companies that you can search for gifts, food and other items that you can easily switch out with the brands you currently buy.

Are you taking steps to making healthy, environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious choices in your daily life? Nourish Snacks can help you make snack time healthier! Try delicious snacks like PB Jammin’ (Virgina peanuts and triple berry medley), coco’nilla crunch (crunchy coconut-vanilla granola bites) and Honey bee good (honey roasted chickpeas). Use the code BUSYMOMMY at checkout to receive 10% off your order!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nourish Snacks. Eat happy!

Sevenly Spring 2015 Causebox

The Sevenly Causebox is a quarterly subscription box for women filled with items that create world change.

You guys know I love social good items that I can incorporate into my daily life because I talk about them all of the time! By switching to these social good brands for everyday items, I can use my buying power, as a mom who makes much of the household purchases, to support causes that create worldwide change.

I have bought several shirts and sweatshirts (and a print) from Sevenly when their cause resonated with me. For every item purchased, $7 goes to that current charity. They have raised almost $4.5 million to date and the clothing designs are always super cute.

Sevenly recently started a quarterly subscription box full of socially conscious products for women called CAUSEBOX. Each season you will receive $150 worth of products from socially conscious brands that reflect Sevenly’s belief that People Matter. Plus, 7% of every box is given back to charity. Everyone is into subscription boxes now and they are perfect for gifts, so why not choose a subscription box that creates world change?

Sevenly Causebox. Spring box!

You can pay quarterly ($49.95) or annually ($199.80) for the CAUSEBOX. Every year you will at least receive $600 worth of socially conscious products. I love the fact that if there are a ton of quality products in each box and not just a few small samples like other subscription boxes. Subscribing allows you to be introduced to new social good companies and products and if you love them you can incorporate them into your daily life! (I now only buy Smarty Pants vitamins and Good Spread peanut butter).

Sevenly Causebox. This is the Spring Box. Every item contributes to world change.  Also, when you purchase a box, $7 goes to charity.

This Spring 2015 #CAUSEBOX02 was filled with so many items I am super excited about.

  • Half United “Fighting Hunger” Necklace ($34) – Each “Fighting Hunger necklace incorporates three hand-polished recycled bullet casings to take a strong stance in the fight against hunger. Half United’s mission is to use fashion to provide aid for world hunger. They donate half of their profits from every product sold directly to global hunger relief efforts.
  • Denik “Be The Change” Journal ($17.99) – A portion from every notebook that Denik sells goes toward funding schools in developing countries.
  • Tribe Alive Bracelet ($35) – This super simple, yet chic beaded bracelet is exclusive to Sevenly! Every bracelet is handmade by women in Honduras under fair trade working conditions and each piece contributes to community development and job creation in developing countries.
  • Perf Turkish Towel ($55) – Flat woven in Turkey, this towel is highly absorbent, fast-drying and great for easy packing.
  • “Good Day” Sevenly Cling ($9.95) – A Sevenly original product that peels on and off windows easily.
  • Smarty Pants Vitamins Travel Packets ($4.25) – Smarty Pants partners with Vitamin Angels to give vitamins to a child in need for every bottle they sell!
  • Good Spread Peanut Butter and Honey Packet – When you buy this peanut butter, a malnourished child will receive the equivalent of therapeutic food.

Head on over to the CAUSEBOX website to sign up for a subscription or send a subscription as a gift! This box changes lives.

Thank you CAUSEBOX for sending me this box to share and spread the word!

5 Ways To Help You Live a Stress-Free Life As a Busy Mom

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and RESCUE blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

Adding two children through adoption to our family a year and a half ago was a major adjustment for everyone. Obviously it was the biggest adjustment for my three kids, but still, the every day logistics of going from one to three kids was stressful for me. I’m still learning and I often fail daily. Whether that’s yelling because the kids are being too loud, snapping at someone when I shouldn’t have or even just feeling down because the house is a mess and I have no desire to clean it.

My blog, this blog, is named Busy Mommy. I’m sure all of you can relate no matter how many children you have. But the thing is, I will always be a busy mom. I have a choice to hold that title with joy in the midst of all the stress and you do to.

How To Live A Stress-Free Life

5 Ways To Help You Live a Stress-Free Life As a Busy Mom

1. Find joy in the little things. I love flowers, but I don’t often buy them. I walk by them in the store and think, “$6? I can surely save that instead,” but you know what? I’m going to start buying those flowers because they make me happy. They bring me a little joy when I buy them and again each day as I see them sitting on my kitchen table. What little things bring you your joy? 

2. Tackle the clutter and get organized. According to scientists at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, clutter restricts your ability to focus and causes stress. So not only are you affected, but your kids are too. Tackle the clutter and get organized and I bet your whole family will be noticing a difference.

3. Make connections.  I am a home-body and I have no problems staying in the whole day. BUT, I have noticed when I push myself to make time to meet another mom for coffee, invite another family over for dinner or join a mom’s group, I feel like I go home a better mom. The initial inconvenience of taking the time out of my day is nothing compared to the feeling of friendship, community and time for “recharging”. Get out of your comfort zone and make connections.

4. LET IT GO! LET IT GO! (Did you happen to sing that in the tune of a very popular Disney movie?) My husband mentioned that I tend to get stressed out over the little things. Most often, it’s in the mornings before school when the kids come out with slightly mismatched outfits. I have them change, they get frustrated and I get frustrated. They are at the age where they are independent enough to choose what they want to wear to school. The last few days I have not said a single word about clothing. Now, I probably wouldn’t let them leave the house in something totally crazy, but I’m letting the little nit-picking go and it’s less stressful for everyone.

5. Natural Stress Relievers – RESCUE is a combination of five Bach Original Flower Remedies – Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum, specifically blended to help you face daily stresses (based on traditional homeopathic practice). My favorite are the RESCUE pastilles. Each little pastille contains one drop of the soothing, calming and relaxing RESCUE remedy to help you find joy in the sometimes stressful life as a busy mom!

I wish I would have known about these sooner because they've been around forever. These RESCUE drops provide gentle, everyday stress relief and are made with natural ingredients to help you stay calm, less stressed and in control. #ad

Rescue Remedy coupon

You may think that you can tackle the stress on your own, but why when you don’t have to? Head to the RESCUE website and download the coupon and you will be automatically entered into the #StressLess2BMyBest sweepstakes on the coupon page for a chance to win great prizes.

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and RESCUE blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.