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Love Your Melon Hats: Buy One, Give One

I first came across Love Your Melon when I was researching companies for my 150+ social good companies list. I wanted a place that people could go for a comprehensive list of social good companies that provide fashionable, useful, gifts and everyday products.

Love Your Melon was started by a group of college students in an entrepreneurial class together whose mission became to improve the lives of children battling cancer. Since the beginning, Love Your Melon has reserved over 45,000 hats for children battling cancer in the USA through their buy one, give one program. Each hat is delivered in person to the hospitals by the Love Your Melon college ambassadors dressed as superheroes! How cool is that?!

I love fall style. Gray beanie, army green jacket and boots!

Here, I am wearing the Black Speckled Beanie, my favorite because it goes with everything! All the hats are USA made, machine washable and sturdy- they will definitely keep you warm during these winter months. It’s been a pretty warm fall here so I’ve been dying to break out my sweaters, boots and hats!

What’s also awesome is, 50% of net proceeds from the sale of this Black Speckled Beanie will be donated equally to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and the Pinky Swear Foundation to fund cancer research initiatives and provide immediate support for families.

Love Your Melon beanies and hats. For every hat sold, they give one to a child battling cancer.

The Black Speckled Beanie and Forest Beanie are my two faves, but Love Your Melon also has so many other colors to choose from. They also offer caps for those spring and summer months.

If you know someone battling cancer, you can request a hat for them at Love Your Melon. Are you a college student interested in being involved in the Campus Crew program? Crew Members raise awareness for childhood cancer, represent the brand through promotions and sales events and personally engage with their charitable programming initiatives. The Program has grown to include over 2,500 Crew Members nationally!  Check it out!

Head on over to Love Your Melon to pick out a few hats for this fall. You might as well pick up a few Christmas presents while you’re at it :)

Love Your Melon Beanies! For every hat sold, they donate a hat to a child battling cancer.

Top Five Meal Helpers To Get Dinner On The Table in 20 Minutes

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Jack’s Pizza.


As the mom of five kids, some nights I am too exhausted to cook a big meal. I often rely on shortcuts on those nights I don’t want to cook something from scratch. I like to call these shortcuts “meal helpers,” these meal helpers help me get dinner on the table without much preparation.

Here are my top five meal helpers!

  1. Salad Kits: Chopping all of the veggies for a salad can be time consuming. I like salad kits that have all of the ingredients: lettuce, veggies, dressings and toppings.
  2. Purees: You can now find spinach, butternut squash and pumpkin purees. These are easy to add to smoothies, muffins and virtually any recipe.
  3. Pre-cut fruit and veggies: Yes, I know these are more expensive, but if I’m in a time crunch for dinner and I’m picking things up at the store, these pre-cut fruits and veggies are lifesavers.
  4. Pre-made sauces and seasonings: Simmer sauces and taco sauces help create quick dinners in no time.
  5. Frozen Foods: Frozen food is a meal helper that I rely on at least once a week for dinner and everyone loves pizza night!  Jack’s pizzas are made with 100% real Wisconsin cheese and can be on the table in less than 15 minutes.


Jack’s Pizza’s purpose is to help mom win the day. So how does it do that? Dinner is on the table in less than 15 minutes. With Jack’s, you can be sure you are getting 100 real cheese produced in in the Midwest with pride and a preservative-free crust. And for only a few bucks a pizza? This is the ultimate meal-helper when life gets busy and you need to feed the family quickly – or even just a pizza and movie night!

I know it’s a relief to get dinner on the table in 20 minutes, especially if you have a big family like mine. What are your favorite meal helpers?

5 Tips For a Stress-Free Homework Time #keepitsunny

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and SunnyD, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #keepitsunny http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV


5 Tips for Stress-Free Homework Time

As the mom of five elementary-aged children, homework can be stressful for all of us. On top of that, four of them are ESL students and two of them need a lot of extra help to get caught up with their peers. There are many things that can contribute to homework stress, but I’ve managed to find some things that work for us.

1. Have a designated homework spot. A clean, large space is best. For us, that is our dining room table. The kids know to go there directly after school and start their homework. There’s enough space for everyone and it is clutter free.

2. Have a snack before homework. I don’t know about you, but when a few of my kids are hungry, that equals cranky. Just like a good breakfast is essential in the morning, a healthy after school snack before homework is a good idea. We like to have apples and peanut butter, popcorn, Fruit2O, SunnyD or sometimes I will make a healthy homemade snack.


3. Focus on one child at a time. Since I have five children, homework time might look a lot different at your house. Three of my kids can do their work independently with limited questions. Two of my kids need constant guidance, but hopefully that will change as the year goes on. If all of my kids ask me questions at once, the homework scene becomes chaotic! The kids now know that if I am working with one child they need to wait until we are done to ask questions.

4. No distractions. No music, kindles or TV on during homework time. This is a no-brainer, but a must!

5. Take a breather. Two of my kids have the personalities that will shut down if they are frustrated that they don’t understand a homework concept. Before, I would make them push through it and we would both be worn out and frustrated, but you will be surprised what a quick 5 minute break can do. If they are getting extremely frustrated and emotional, I ask, “would you like to take a break and we can try it again in five minutes?”


Did you know you can earn books for your child’s classroom with SunnyD and the Book Spree Program?  Just collect SunnyD labels and send to your child’s teacher. Teachers will then send the labels into SunnyD to get free books. For every 20 labels received, SunnyD will donate 20 free books. (expires on 11/30/15 or while supplies last). I picked my SunnyD products up at my local Hy-Vee. Check your local grocery store!

      • Step 1: Parents clip and collect eligible SunnyD UPC labels.
      • Step 2: Parents send UPC labels with their child to a participating teacher.
      • Step 3: Teachers collect UPCs, fill out the entry form and mail both to SunnyD.
      • Step 4 – SunnyD sends books to participating classrooms (limit of 20 books/classroom). Don’t Delay – Book Spree ends 11/30/2015

I have many homeschooling friends and what’s neat about the program is home educators are eligible! There is 1 redemption per teacher and classrooms can receive up to 20 books. So, purchase SunnyD for your child’s after school snack and earn them free books while you are at it!