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Fall Stitch Fix #4 – August 2015

It’s been a long summer home with five kids and with the start of the school year, I was thinking I should order myself a little present and sign up for my 4th Stitch Fix. Here’s the second box I received exactly one year ago. I didn’t realize it, but it looks like I do a yearly back-to-school present for myself.

For the past year or two I have focused on not buying something just because it’s on sale. I will only purchase items I will wear often and that can be worn several different ways. I want to be more thoughtful with my purchases and not pick up something cheap every time I go to Target. That equals a lot of random things in my closet and actually adds up to A LOT of money.

Stitch Fix is on the higher end of my budget, but with every box I have received at least one key piece of my wardrobe that I wear often.

Market & Spruce – Nina Asymmetrical Sweater Tunic in Dark Grey

When I first googled this piece to see what was on it’s way, I didn’t know if I would like it. It’s soft, warm and oversized, just how I like it. This is the perfect fall sweater I can see myself wearing a ton.

Cut From The Kloth – Denna Skinny Jean in Black
I have so many jeans, but I wanted a different color. These black jeans are comfy and great for fall. The only issue is these are a tad baggy. (I’ve been doing the 21 Day Fix program and have lost inches) I’m hoping these will shrink a little bit.

Market & Spruce - Nina Asymmetrical Sweater Tunic in Dark Grey

Market & Spruce – Angelo Cargo Anorak Jacket in Dark Grey

I am in need of a fall jacket, so I was really happy with this choice by my stylist. I noticed people receiving a maroon color, but I am really happy with this dark grey. The jacket seems really well made and warm. It is a bit big on me, but again, I like oversized clothes. The price is expensive (over $100) but this was something I needed and can wear for many years.

Stitch Fix Market & Spruce - Angelo Cargo Anorak Jacket in Dark Grey

Amour Vert For Stitch Fix – Shevlin Boat Neck Knit Top

I am not usually a big fan of stripes. I kept debating on whether to keep this or send it back, but the material is just so comfortable (I kept it and have already gotten several compliments on it).

Stitch Fix Amour Vert For Stitch Fix - Shevlin Boat Neck Knit Top

Skies are Blue – Waki Split Back Pullover in Off White

This was the only item that I knew I didn’t like right when I put it on. I have wider shoulders and it only accentuated that. It also is on the shorter side and I like my shirts and sweaters long.

Skies are Blue - Waki Split Back Pullover in Off White

This was my best Fix so far and I’m very happy with FOUR of the items! Schedule your Stitch Fix today – I would be grateful if you use my referral link!

8 Tips For a Quick and Easy Laundry Routine

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Faultless/Bon Ami Company    for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

8 Tips For a Quick and Easy Laundry Routine

8 Tips For a Quick and Easy Laundry Routine

  1. Wash clothing daily. Some people use hampers and wash the dirty clothes once each person’s hamper is full, but I find it easiest to take dirty clothing to the washer daily. My kids know that every night they need to bring their clothes to the laundry room.
  2. Don’t let clothes sit in the washing machine. I used to be guilty of this. I would wash clothes at night and then forget to move them over to the dryer. When clothes sit in the washing machine they get smelly and then you need to re-wash it. You can save a lot of time and money by setting a reminder that you have clothes in the wash!
  3. Fold clothes right out of the dryer. Don’t let your clothes sit in the dryer or leave clean, unfolded clothes sitting in a laundry basket waiting to be folded.
  4. Separate folded clothes into each person’s laundry basket right away! This goes with #3. In one step, I fold the clothes right out of the dryer and separate them into a laundry basket designated to each family member.
  5. Teach kids from an early age to put away their own clothing. My kids have learned to put away their own clothes. Putting away clothes is my least favorite thing to do.
  6. Have kids put away clothes frequently. There’s nothing worse than a big pile of clothes to put away. My kids put their clothes away several times a week so it isn’t overwhelming.
  7. Use towels and sweatshirts more than once. I was doing a ton of laundry and I realized most of it was towels. I installed a hook in each child’s closet so they can reuse their bath towels a few times before we wash them. This cuts down the laundry so much!
  8. Use Premium Faultless Starch for things that need ironed! My husband has a lot of dress shirts and pants for work that need to be ironed each week. Faultless Premium will keep your clothes looking new and by looking your best, you will perform your best. You can’t go to work all wrinkled! Unlike other starch, the Faultless Premium bottle won’t clog, flake or stick. Faultless Premium can be purchased in the laundry aisle of major retailers. Click to find a store near you that carries Faultless, before you head to store print this Faultless Premium Coupon!



Faultless Premium Starch is giving away $1,000 along with a year’s supply of Faultless Premium! You can enter to win! All you have to do is:

  • Visit the Faultless Starch Giveaway page
  • Watch the video of Ironing Board Sam singing the “Wrinkle Blues”
  • Enter your information
  • Share this link with your friends: http://bit.ly/1FP5Up4


Check out Faultless on Facebook for more tips & tricks! Do you iron? Have you tried Faultless Starch? Let me know your laundry tips in the comment section!

Faultless Premium Starch

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Sevenly #CAUSEBOX03


I hope you checked out Sevenly CAUSEBOX when I posted last quarter’s Spring Box! (If you missed it, check it out here!) This summer’s CAUSEBOX is amazing. There are so many social good products, some that I’ve known about and some that are new to me. That’s part of the reason I love getting these boxes every quarter. I love finding new socially conscious companies to support and learning about their amazing stories that are making change in the world.

This box has a retail value of $223. Every box has at least $150 of retail value, and sells for $49.95/quarter.

Want a free CAUSEBOX? CAUSEBOX will be giving a free Spring CAUSEBOX to anyone that signs up now for an annual subscription! To take advantage of this freebie, all you need to do is enter the coupon code “BUSYMOMMY03″

All of the social good products in the #CauseBox03 A $223 retail value

Every box contains products that: give back generously to underprivileged communities, help provide jobs and sustainable income in underdeveloped areas of the world, raise awareness for different charitable initiatives, and empower people, help people, or otherwise make the world a better place.

Not only is your purchase of the CAUSEBOX and support for the socially conscious businesses making change, 7% of every box sold is given back to charity, each and every quarter.

Let’s take a look what’s in this quarters box!

  1. Musana Bumba Necklace – ($36 ARV) Musana is a nonprofit social enterprise that aims to break the cycle of poverty in Lugazi, Uganda by providing stable employment and educational opportunities for women. This beautiful necklace is simple, but beautiful, allowing you to wear it with almost anything!
  2. Parker Clay Upcycled Wrap Bracelet ($48 ARV) This wrap bracelet was handmade out of Ethiopian leather and melted down bullets found in the Ethiopian countryside. For every bracelet sold, Parker Clay sends one Ethiopian woman through a prostitution prevention training program through their partner, Women at Risk.
  3. Parker Clay headband ($16 ARV) I am in love with this headband! It is handcrafted by a team of artisans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is the perfect summer accessory with beachy waves.
  4. Living on One Special Edition DVD – ($24 ARV) Living on One is a documentary following four university students who spent a summer living on $1 per day in rural Guatemala. I loved this documentary and was so inspired by these four young guys.
  5. Sevenly Lemonade Print ($24 ARV) Make this attitude of optimism your summer motto! I love how it looks in my dining room. (Here’s another Sevenly print in my bedroom!)
  6. Keepcup 60z to-go cup ($17 ARV) Keepcup is the world’s first barista standard reusable coffee cup. It’s made from non-toxic BPA and BPS-free polypropylene. Taking this cup to your local coffee shop saves the planet from all kind of paper and plastic waste!
  7. Love for Humanity Face Cream ($58 ARV) Love for Humanity’s miracle formula is organic, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, toxic-everything free, and Made in the USA! For every product Love for Humanity sells, they provide a meal for the malnourished through Feed the Children.
  8. Everly Hydrating Drink Mixes. I’ve posted about my love for Everly before. Everly is the first company to make drink mixes without additives, preservatives and fake coloring. For every box sold, Everly provides a packet of life-saving oral rehydration salt mix to treat children with waterborne diseases.

Make Lemonade Sevenly Print